Taxi’s Go Digital: Loop Introduces VISA’s Tap-to-Phone Payment for Minibuses

Image sourced from Xpatloop.

Loop in collaboration with VISA, proudly introduces the Tap-to-Phone instant payment solution for minibus-taxi commuters and operators.

The service is operational in digitally-enabled Loop taxis on the Mitchells Plain to Bellville route, marking a significant digital transformation. Commuters can pay with a tap, facilitated by VISA’s Transforming Urban Mobility program.

Taxi Income Tracking Capabilities

Imtiyaaz Riley, Loop Founder, and CEO, noted, “The minibus taxi industry is the backbone of public transport in South Africa. For generations, owners and associations couldn’t accurately track their taxi income. With our solutions, owners and associations can now transact digitally and seamlessly with Loop’s tech-based solutions.”

VISA’s Commitment to Creating Inclusive Commuting Experiences

Lineshree Moodley, General Manager for VISA South Africa, expressed, “We are delighted to announce the partnership with Loop. Our collaboration stems from a shared vision to transform urban mobility and digitize transportation solutions in South Africa.

VISA is committed to helping cities create efficient and inclusive commuting experiences, and this partnership represents a significant step toward ensuring that the safety and convenience of digital payments become a reality for millions of commuters and drivers across our country.”

Revolutionizing the Taxi Industry

The launch event was attended by numerous stakeholders who have supported Loop’s efforts to revolutionize the taxi industry into a safe, seamless experience for commuters and operators. Loop is a Cape Flats-based tech-mobility company working to empower taxi operators and commuters by digitizing the minibus taxi sector.

According to the Chairman of the Mitchell’s Plain to Bellville route, Melton Oppelt, “We are very excited about this digital platform, and we have seen firsthand how Loop’s system increases safety. Taxi drivers can now solely focus on the road without worrying about collecting fares from their passengers.”

Loop’s Chat-to-Pay Feature

The Tap-to-Phone solution complements Loop’s existing Chat-to-Pay feature on WhatsApp. Loop commuters can scan the taxi driver’s QR code on WhatsApp, view details, and securely pay using Chat-to-Pay—a seamless process.

Currently, this service has over 3000 active commuters, with many topping up their secure Loop transport wallets for a week or month at a time.

Design Thinking in Action

Jamie Wyngaard, Head of UX at Loop, stated, “When I used minibus taxis, I would spend up to 20 minutes a day waiting in line at an ATM and then deal with the anxiety of asking the driver for change. Using Design Thinking, we conducted research interviews with commuters, drivers, and operators.

We’ve come up with various payment solutions, so partnering with VISA and using their Tap-To-Phone was a natural fit. People have enough to worry about in this country – paying in a taxi shouldn’t be one of those worries.”

Engagement with Taxi Associations and the Gauteng Government

Adding to existing collaborations with the  Western Cape Government, SANTACO, and Mitchells Plain Taxi Association, this partnership strengthens Loop’s connections. Loop is also engaging with other taxi associations and the Gauteng government.

Imtiyaaz Riley added, “The minibus taxi industry is undeniably the backbone of South African public transport, touching the lives of millions daily. Our vision at Loop is to steer the industry into the digital future, but we recognize that this cannot be a solo journey. Collaboration with taxi associations is essential, as owners and drivers stand as the true driving force behind our solution. Together, we can reimagine and reshape the minibus taxi landscape for a brighter, more efficient tomorrow.”