JUXTA Unveils Autonomous Micro-Retail Stores

JUXTA, a global technology company and provider of micro convenience retail stores, is set to revolutionize the retail landscape with the introduction of its groundbreaking product, the JUXTA Nomad. This fully equipped and pre-assembled store is designed to operate autonomously, marking a significant advancement in the retail sector.

Effortless Installation in Under 12 Hours

Crafted to cater to the growing demand in the EV charging industry, the JUXTA Nomad can be effortlessly installed and made operational within just 12 hours. This innovation enables drivers and passengers to purchase food and beverages while they wait for their electric vehicles to charge.

Originating as a US-based startup in 2022, JUXTA was established by Vontier, a prominent global industrial technology company, which also encompasses Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a leading supplier of fueling and convenience store equipment.

CEO and Co-Founder Shares His Thoughts

Om Shankar, CEO and Co-founder of JUXTA explains, “JUXTA emerged with the mission of delivering a technology-driven transformation in the micro-retail arena. Our primary goal is to support station operators as they transition from traditional fuel stations to EV charging points. We collaborate with established retail brands to expand their presence beyond fuel pumps, enhancing the charging station experience and driving revenue growth.”

Hassle Free Integration Solution

JUXTA provides a turnkey solution that doesn’t require intricate integrations. The JUXTA Nomad targets the micro convenience retail sector exclusively. Over a year and a half of careful design, development, and trials have resulted in a product tailored to benefit EV charging operators.

World’s Most Advanced Walk-In Vending Machine

Shankar continues, “While addressing the retail challenge on their sites, EV players lacked an immediate solution – a void that JUXTA fills. The JUXTA Nomad stands as the world’s most advanced walk-in vending machine. Our customers simply need to receive the product, connect it to power, stock the shelves, inaugurate it, and step aside, leaving the Nomad to instantly commence retail operations.”

Modern Display

A solution to labor challenges is one of the notable features of the JUXTA Nomad. By operating autonomously, it eliminates the reliance on human labor, mitigating the difficulties associated with recruiting and retaining staff in the retail sector.

The absence of a staff area or counter allows maximum space for stocking within the 264-square-foot interior of the Nomad. Modern shelving and presentation units facilitate the display of 500 to 600 high-margin items.

Shankar adds, “The JUXTA Nomad offers the most financially rewarding retail format per square foot globally. Furthermore, each Nomad equips customers with real-time data insights, enabling them to optimize their retail strategies. Precision-targeting customers become feasible by stocking high-demand items, reducing waste, and enhancing profitability.”

Seamless Retail Experience for Customers

Customers awaiting their vehicle’s charge can now enjoy a seamless retail experience. Accessing the JUXTA Nomad requires no app download or membership registration. A simple debit or credit card touch, physical or digital, grants immediate entry.

Shelf and Cabinet Sensors

The store offers a variety of snacks, sandwiches, hot drinks, and fresh fruit, allowing customers to make choices based on their location and purchase history. The Nomad’s interior employs shelf and cabinet sensors to detect selected items, with cameras discreetly identifying customers.

Lawful Retail of Age-Restricted Products

Adhering to local regulations, JUXTA’s technology enables the lawful retail of age-restricted products. Secure fridges and dispensers validate the purchaser’s age using cameras before releasing restricted items. The system can also request and verify IDs, such as driving licenses, when necessary.

Upon completing their shopping, customers can review their purchased items on a touchscreen before leaving the store. Alternatively, they can swiftly exit, as JUXTA’s technology automatically records purchases and charges the corresponding debit or credit card.

Multi-Industry Advantages

Although JUXTA’s primary focus is on the EV sector, the Nomads’ advantages extend to other industries. These versatile units can be deployed, which only require an electricity supply, across various locations such as hospital parking lots, festivals, campsites, and college campuses within just 12 hours.

The interior layout of the Nomads is adaptable, accommodating diverse retail items, including camping supplies.

Far-Reaching Branding Opportunities

The flexibility of JUXTA’s Nomads extends to branding opportunities both inside and outside the store. Operators take charge of maintenance, cleaning, and restocking, while JUXTA’s AI and camera technology promptly identify hygiene issues. This autonomous store offers convenience and growth opportunities, standing as a trailblazing advancement in the retail landscape.

JUXTA’s innovative Nomad presents a transformative solution for retail in the EV charging sector and beyond.