CSAdvance Rebrands as CardinalStone Finance

CardinalStone Finance, formerly known as CSAdvance, is pleased to announce its official name change, underscoring its steadfast commitment to delivering enhanced financial solutions.

As CardinalStone Finance, a subsidiary of CardinalStone Partners Limited, the company will continue to offer a wide range of financing solutions to diverse clients, including SMEs and high-net-worth individuals.

With an unwavering focus on delivering exceptional service, CardinalStone Finance harnesses its unparalleled industry expertise to offer tailored financing solutions that align with clients’ unique needs.

“Our new name, CardinalStone Finance, signifies a significant milestone for the company. It stands as a testament to our dedication to empowering customers with financial flexibility, enabling them to seize new opportunities and unlock growth,” affirmed Ayoola Adeola, CEO of CardinalStone Finance. “We are currently experiencing a phase of sustained growth, and we believe that our new name will accelerate our pursuit of achieving market leadership in the near future.”

In response to this announcement, Michael Nzewi, Group Managing Director of CardinalStone Partners Limited, commented, “The new name positions CardinalStone Finance as a recognizable subsidiary of the CardinalStone brand, enhancing brand visibility and synergy while reinforcing our shared mission as a group. Embracing this unified name fosters improved collaboration, and enhances the potential for cross-selling opportunities, expertise-sharing, and brand equity, ultimately paving the way for collective achievements that benefit all our clients.”

CardinalStone Finance’s transition is a key step in its journey to become a trusted and influential player in the African financial sector, shaping its evolving landscape.

CardinalStone Finance offers a variety of financing solutions, leveraging technology for efficient loan and investment management to enhance customer satisfaction.