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5 Apps You Can Trade Nigerian Stocks

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In recent years, the Nigerian stock market has seen substantial growth, attracting both local and international investors. With the ease of access provided by mobile apps, trading Nigerian stocks has become more convenient than ever before.

The Nigerian economy is expected to see massive growth in coming years. According to the Nigerian Development Update, ‘Seizing the Opportunity’, major reforms like the elimination of the petrol subsidy, and reforms in the FX market – will begin to restore macroeconomic stability in the country. As a result of these changes the country’s economy is expected to grow at 3.3% in 2023, 3.7% IN 2024, and 4.1% in 2025.

Here, we’ll explore five apps that empower you to participate in the Nigerian stock market, along with their unique benefits.

1. Trove: Making Investing Simple Trove has gained popularity as a user-friendly investment platform that enables Nigerians to trade stocks and other assets with ease. It offers an intuitive interface and provides access to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and the U.S. stock market. Trove allows users to invest in both local and international stocks, making it a versatile choice.


  • Fractional Shares: Trove enables users to buy fractional shares of expensive stocks, making investing accessible even with limited capital.
  • Education: The app offers educational resources to help users make informed investment decisions.
  • No Minimum Investment: You can start investing with as little as 100 Naira.

2. Bamboo: Invest in Global Stocks Bamboo is another popular app that gives Nigerians access to global stock markets, including the U.S. and Nigerian markets. With Bamboo, you can diversify your portfolio by investing in a wide range of assets.


  • Dollar Investments: Bamboo allows you to invest in foreign stocks in dollars, protecting your investments from currency fluctuations.
  • Low Fees: The app charges competitive fees, making it cost-effective for investors.
  • Fractional Shares: Like Trove, Bamboo offers fractional shares for expensive stocks.

3. Chaka: Trade Global Equities Chaka is a technology-driven financial platform that offers Nigerians the opportunity to invest in both local and global equities. It provides access to over 4,000 assets on 40+ exchanges worldwide.


  • Diverse Assets: Chaka provides access to stocks, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), and bonds across multiple markets.
  • Investment Advisory: The app offers investment advisory services to guide your investment decisions.
  • Real-time Trading: Chaka provides real-time market data to help you make informed choices.

4. Rise: Impact Investing Rise is an investment app designed with a focus on impact investing. It allows users to invest in Nigerian stocks and bonds while supporting sustainable development goals.


  • Impact Investments: Rise emphasizes investments that align with sustainability and social impact goals.
  • Easy Access to Bonds: The app provides access to Nigerian government and corporate bonds.
  • Financial Education: Rise offers educational content to enhance your financial literacy.

5. MeriTrade: The Local Option MeriTrade is a platform provided by Meristem Securities Limited, a reputable Nigerian brokerage firm. It offers a comprehensive suite of services for trading Nigerian stocks.


  • Market Expertise: MeriTrade leverages the expertise of a well-established brokerage firm.
  • Local Support: Users can access support from local branches of Meristem Securities.
  • Robust Research: The app provides research reports and market analysis to aid investment decisions.

As you explore these apps for trading Nigerian stocks, remember to conduct thorough research, consider your investment goals, and evaluate fees and features to determine the best fit for your financial journey. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, these apps open up exciting opportunities in the Nigerian stock market.

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