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Kyocera’s Solution to Unlocking Business and Environmental Sustainability

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Human Impact on Global Warming is evident in science and taking proactive steps to protect the environment has become extremely important.

Yena Ngidi, Hardware Product Manager at Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa, emphasizes the urgency for companies to go green.

Today’s savvy customers demand sustainability and environmental action, highlighting the importance of human-tech collaboration.

Forward-thinking businesses that prioritize the environment not only unlock growth opportunities but also empower customers to reduce their carbon footprint, creating a win-win situation for businesses and the precious environment.

With a philosophy of “To coexist harmoniously with our society, our global community, and nature”, Kyocera has always been and will always be fully committed to minimizing the impact its products have on the environment.

Kyocera’s products and solutions minimize paper usage and maximize productivity through efficient digital document management and storage.

And, to ensure that Kyocera is paying more than just lip service to the environment, the technology leader adopts a science-backed approach to ongoing technology development and investment in sustainability.

Key to this is the patented energy-saving iToner launched in 2020. The iToner requires a melting point that is 30℃ lower than most brands, therefore using less energy when applied to the printing process, while simultaneously providing image quality and stability.

This toner has halved the typical energy consumption of Kyocera’s printers and multi-function printers (MFPs)

Other sustainable advancements include:

Energy-saving Ink

Kyocera’s proprietary water-based pigment inks used in its TASKalfa Pro 15000c production inkjet printer demonstrate excellent penetration into paper and dry quickly after printing. These properties reduce the amount of electricity consumed when fixing images onto paper.

Energy-saving Controller

To further reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions by reducing the standby power used by printers, the TASKalfa 2554ci/3554ci A3 colour MFPs are equipped with an energy-saving controller that further reduces the time it takes to return from sleep mode while minimizing the standby power used during sleep mode.

Thanks to this newly developed energy-saving controller, Kyocera achieved the industry’s highest energy-saving performance, with standby power used during sleep mode kept below 0.5 W, without compromising the operability and productivity of users.

Titanium dioxide-free toners.

Although most of Kyocera’s toners already met legislative and industry regulations specifying that toner can contain a maximum of 1% titanium dioxide, in 2020 the company committed to a running change to ensure that all its toners will be completely TiO2-free from Q1 2024.

With these innovations and ongoing research and development, Kyocera maintains its commitment to reducing energy consumption and environmental impact through high-quality products that continue to maximize performance and improve productivity for clients and customers.

By Yena Ngidi, Hardware Product Manager at Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa

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