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5 Vital Fraud Prevention Tips

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In today’s digital world, scammers have shifted from traditional methods to exploiting social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. These platforms, built on trust and connectivity, provide fertile ground for fraudulent activities.

To safeguard user’s personal information and assets, the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Coordination Centre (HKCERT) offers essential tips for fraud prevention:

1. Be cautious of contact with strangers:

Social media facilitates global connections, but it also opens doors for scammers. When receiving contact from unfamiliar accounts, especially those showing sudden interest or tempting job offers, HKCERT advises users to gather personal information about these strangers to assess their credibility. Regularly reviewing privacy settings, updating security preferences, and adjusting account visibility can further ensure personal account privacy and safety.

2. Do not share sensitive information:

Users must refrain from sharing sensitive data like bank details and passwords with anyone on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. Such information, if falling into the wrong hands, could lead to identity theft or financial fraud.

3. Identify scam signals:

Criminals often exhibit certain behaviors while targeting users, such as trying to establish intimate relationships or promoting false job and money-making opportunities. They may also pressure users to take immediate action or conduct transactions through informal channels. Remaining vigilant and reporting suspicious activities to platform administrators is crucial.

4. Apply multi-factor authentication:

Enhance account security by employing multi-factor authentication (MFA). This involves providing multiple verification methods, typically the user’s password and a one-time verification code. MFA prevents scammers from accessing accounts even if they manage to obtain passwords.

5. Report suspected fraudulent behavior:

If users suspect they are targeted by fraud or have fallen victim to scams, prompt reporting to HKCERT, relevant social media platforms, and law enforcement agencies is vital. These organizations can provide assistance and take necessary action to prevent others from becoming victims.

Take appropriate preventive measures, to enjoy the convenience of social media while safeguarding your personal information and cyber security.

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