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Regenerative Technology Merges with Zero-Emission Battery Electric Vehicle

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Tevva, one of the world’s leading British technology companies and truck manufacturers, merged with the ZF Group in Germany bringing regenerative technology to the automotive world. Tevva, which is on the cutting edge of engineering innovation, recently completed the successful development of a regenerative braking system on its 7.5t battery-electric truck. They worked together with ZF to integrate its Electronic Brake System (EBS) for use in their zero-emission electric trucks. The adaptation of the EBS uses a blend of regenerative and compressed air brakes to add an extra layer of safety and responsiveness for drivers.

Uzair Jilani, Tevva’s Lead Engineer, expressed his thoughts about the project: “ZF’s system has been adapted for use with our regen system; when the brake pedal is pushed, most of the ‘braking’ is handled by regen, meaning that the drive system slows the vehicle down.”

Furthermore, Jilani adds that a conventional braking system (which is limited to a passive regen of 40kW) is still needed to bring the truck to a complete stop, but the added layer of safety includes the implementation of EBS with regenerative braking capacity of up to 180kW. The implementation of the EBS (Electronic Brake System) allowed for the safe incorporation of regenerative braking up to 180 kW and is an excellent aid for more efficient driving. It also reduces strain on the hardware, ultimately extending the lifespan of the system.

Technological advancements allow for a modern EBS system to control the blending of friction braking with the e-motor, reducing brake wear and tear. Additionally, the system electronically transfers the driver’s deceleration request to all braking system components to shorten response time, balance brake forces, provide ease of braking, and efficient brake management.

Tevva’s engineers had to meet stringent testing criteria for the truck to receive approval from ZF in Germany. Rigorous testing, fine-tuning of the electric truck’s vehicle control unit (VCU), and enhancing compatibility with the EBS have resulted in a system that recuperates up to four times more energy than a conventional compressed air brake system, optimizing the truck’s range.

ZF’s Head of Commercial Vehicle EMEA Application Engineering for Braking and ADAS said, “Tevva’s commitment and agile engineering expertise allowed us to meet our stringent safety requirements and complete the project. We look forward to seeing Tevva trucks on the road.”

Tevva and ZF’s collaboration is a quintessential example of engineering innovation and demonstrates how regenerative technology can enhance the efficacy of a system that is acceptable but limited in its durability and safety capacity.


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