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What cloud security risks mean for organizations, including yours

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With the dramatic increase in cloud adoption, organizations are relying more on cloud technology than ever before. To safely embrace this shift from traditional services to the cloud, it is imperative to take necessary measures that can improve the security infrastructure of the cloud environment. With the latest advancements in IT security, cloud technology is as safe as it can be. However, organizations must be aware of the ever-present risks that coexist with the latest technologies.

To understand cloud cyber risks better, take a look at some examples below.

Data breaches

The repercussions of data breaches are numerous. Cloud service providers must ensure that any personal and sensitive data stored in the cloud is protected against any breach or unauthorized access. To strategize its security infrastructure better, your organization must undertake routine risk assessments to make sure its data is stored securely. Additionally, you should avoid using publicly accessible URLs for file transfers, connecting to unreliable public networks, and employing improper security controls, which can lead to data breaches in the cloud. To mitigate risks like these caused by negligence, implement strong link encryption and restrict access to critical data.

Data loss

A common misconception among cloud enthusiasts is that the cloud does not require a backup to protect against data loss, but that is not the case. There might be unexpected instances of unintentional deletion or server crashes. Besides, in the cloud environment, you have less control over where your data is stored, so if a data breach occurs, you may not even be aware that it happened or where. To face the unknown, regardless of where the data is stored, it is a good practice to have a backup of all your data.

Account hijacking

Cybercriminals may take advantage of the vulnerabilities in the cloud infrastructure and try to exploit them by hijacking accounts with weak passwords that are easy to crack. To prevent this, user accounts must have strong passwords that are changed frequently.

Insider threats

Administrators, developers, and trusted employees who have privileged access might accidentally leak sensitive information. To prevent this insider threat, provide proper training for employees about the ins and outs of the cloud environment.

To secure your cloud infrastructure further, follow the strategies listed below.

Penetration testing

Cloud penetration testing helps you assess the security level of your cloud infrastructure. It is a practical, proactive way to measure the resistance of your cloud security to malicious attacks.

Data security auditing

Routine security audits must be performed to protect end users’ data and sensitive files stored in the cloud. Cloud providers must also be transparent about their security control measures. If your provider’s measures do not comply with global security standards, it is time to move to a reliable service provider.

Security training

Security training educates employees on the various cybersecurity threats that come with cloud services. To prevent unwanted risks, employees must understand their organization’s data management system. This helps employees avoid falling prey to social engineering attacks.

Contingency planning

Although contingency planning may not seem as important as other security strategies, it is essential to ask your cloud service provider what measures it is taking to ensure that your data is safe in the event of natural disasters or calamities.

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