Eiffel Corp Launches SA’s first AWS-Certified Learning Management System

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South Africa-based tech education firm Eiffel Corp and global cloud services provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), recently launched a new set of cloud-based education solutions that is set to scale up Learning Management System (LMS) technology to a higher echelon.

According to the company, Eiffel Corp’s Digikamva LMS now becomes the first and only South African education software partner to be officially certified by AWS.

After completing a rigorous assessment process, this software has adopted a subset of AWS best practices to reduce risks around security, reliability, and operational excellence, as defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Eiffel Corp has embarked on a journey to bring a local, fit-for-purpose and scalable learning management system built for the African market with the market’s needs, nuances, and challenges in mind.

“The only way for Eiffel Corp to offer this solution at scale and meet the unprecedented increase in the demand was through partnering with Amazon Web Services,” the announcement reads.

Watch the Eiffel Corp and AWS Collaborative Event below:

Why AWS?

Eiffel Corp’s GM for the LMS, Clare Reilly says it was AWS that provided the most suitable place to run open-source technology stacks, which is what the development teams at Eiffel Corp prefer.

“We also really like the wealth of best practice guidance provided by AWS, so we can get things right the first time when we build on the cloud,” Reilly says.

By collaborating with AWS, Reilly adds this has shifted the focus for Eiffel Corp, giving the EdTech company space to concentrate on specialisation, innovation, and intellectual property that can more directly benefit African education customers.

With the mission to deliver innovative world-class technology services to educational institutions in Africa, Reilly says LMS technology can play a role in addressing the digital divide that is so evident in the South African education space.

“This is a centralised system that makes learning accessible to students regardless of where they are or what type of device they are using. The more flexibility and customisation we can provide, the more accessible we can make these systems, especially to disadvantaged learners,” says Reilly.

Through the power of the cloud, she says the Eiffel Corp Digikamva LMS is now more reliable, secure, and scalable than ever before.

“Education is constantly changing and has to adapt faster and faster as technology evolves exponentially. By embracing the cloud, education is now more agile and scalable than ever before, using the power of digital connections at a massive scale to shape the next generation of leaders,” concludes Reilly.

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