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How to Secure Your Remote Work Environment from Cybersecurity Threats

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Cybersecurity threats are at an all-time high. With organizations increasingly employing hybrid work models, it has become more vital than ever to educate employees on the various cybersecurity risks that come with a distributed work environment.

In a hybrid work environment, employees working from home pose a greater security risk compared to those working at the office. Home networks are less secured than corporate networks, unprotected by in-office firewalls and advanced fraud detection systems. In the comfort of one’s home, a small mistake by an employee could potentially risk the company’s confidential data being leaked.

However, risks like data leaks and device compromise can be managed by following certain best practices.

Here are some of the practices you can adopt while working from home:

1. Install an antivirus solution and strong internet security software

Using an antivirus solution along with internet security software can protect work devices and BYOD devices from malicious files, like those resulting from a phishing attack, that could compromise the device. Antivirus solutions help keep devices secure by periodically checking systems for malware and viruses.

2. Do not let your family use your work devices

Always lock your device when you step away from it while you are at home. Advise your family or anyone else you live with not to use your work device.

3. Use a strong password on all your work devices

A precautionary measure that every employee, irrespective of where they work, should take is to use a strong password. It is much easier for cybercriminals to guess a weak password than to breach an advanced security system like a firewall to access privileged information.

4. Be cautious of email scams

Email scams are often disguised as coming from legitimate sources and will many times request login credentials or confidential information to break into a system. It is important to train employees to identify and avoid suspicious emails like these.

ManageEngine’s comprehensive suite of IT management solutions can protect your remote work devices from various cybersecurity threats and enable a secure remote work environment. Adopting the right security solutions can help you thwart attacks on remote and BYOD devices, check for vulnerabilities on remote devices, and keep your business secure. ManageEngine’s security solutions can secure your IT infrastructure from any place at any time.

By Staff Writer.

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