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Ericsson Wallet Platform Launches in Mozambique Through TMCEL

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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The customers of TMCEL, one of the largest telecom firms in Mozambique, will now be able to benefit from the financial ease offered by Ericsson’s mobile financial services solutions as TMCEL went live with the Ericsson Wallet Platform yesterday.

Ericsson’s solution is expected to broaden the community of financial transactions by further contributing to the economic and digital development and connecting and supporting new emerging industries.

According to the announcement, TMCEL selected Ericsson to upgrade its existing mobile money service, mKesh, by implementing Ericsson Wallet Platform and the solution is now live in the Southern African country.

The Ericsson Wallet Platform

Ericsson Wallet Platform – Ericsson’s mobile financial Services solution – is a financial services platform built on the latest security technologies and open architecture framework principles.

More than 300 million people worldwide currently use Ericsson Wallet Platform solutions, delivered by communications service providers. The platform is aimed at empowering financial management, including for people who don’t have access to traditional banking services.

It will deliver easy-to-use financial services to TMCEL Mozambique customers through the ability to store, transfer and withdraw money, pay merchants and utility providers, use financial services such as savings and loans.

From mKesh to Ericsson Wallet Platform

The upgrade of the existing mobile financial service solution, mKesh, to Ericsson Wallet Platform will make it easier for TMCEL’s customers to make fast and easy-to-use financial transactions on a next-generation mobile financial service, according to the telecom firm.

“The upgrade of the mKesh mobile financial service with Ericsson is a vital component of our ambition to support digital transformation across Mozambique. Our joint commitment to financial inclusion is important to broaden the depth of the economy in the country,” says Binda Celestino Augusto Jocker, TMCEL COO.

“Ericsson Wallet Platform gives us the latest security technologies, while the open architecture allows us to offer the solution to a larger part of the people in Mozambique to make financial transactions, broadening our ecosystem and achieving our vision of financial inclusion.”

“Our long-standing partnership with TMCEL is complimented with our Ericsson Wallet Platform to support financial inclusion in Mozambique. With Ericsson’s industry-leading and state-of-the-art Wallet Platform, we are enabling TMCEL to broaden the community of financial transactions by further contributing to the economic and digital development, connecting and supporting new emerging industries, and accelerating #AfricaInMotion,” adds Todd Ashton, VP and Head of Ericsson South and East Africa.

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