Australian Retail Directions to Partner with South Africa’s Vexall

On Monday Global retail software specialist, Retail Directions, announced a new partnership with South African ICT services organisation, Vexall Ltd., to enable Vexall to provide Retail Directions’ unified retail management platform to South African retailers. 

According to an announcement, this partnership brings together dedicated in-country support from both sides, augmented by Retail Directions’ global resources and continuous improvement projects, which are backed by the Australian Government’s research and development program.

The partnership also gives Vexall access to Retail Directions’ global network and knowledge base, to further develop the South African retail technology landscape.

“Our close engagement with Vexall presents both organisations with a valuable opportunity to fill a gap in the South African retail technology partner space,” Andrew Gorecki, MD, Retail Directions, said.

“Our combined technology and local support will help both fashion and general merchandise retailers in South Africa to build a resilient and easy to manage technology platform, which will underpin their retail operations. We have made a long-term commitment to the South African market, and have invested in our own people in the region to support Vexall and our retail clients in the region,” he added. 

Gorecki mentioned that they chose South Africa because of its vibrant retail market and the availability of highly skilled people.

“When looking for a technology implementation partner in the region’s retail technology market, we chose Vexall because of their inherent sector knowledge, customer-centric outlook, as well as their values, vision, and work ethic reflecting our own,” he said.

Vexall’s synopsis of South Africa’s fashion and general merchandise marketplace highlighted the need for a retail management system that offers an end-to-end yet modular solution, that is inherently rich in functionality, whilst continually evolving in-line with changing technology trends,” Dewet Devenier, Operations Executive, Vexall, said. 

Devenier said the collaboration between Vexall and Retail Directions unlocks all these aspects while positioning a solution with flexible commercial models sensitive to South African market conditions. 

“The real value, however, lies in the ability to offer a truly global Retail Management system, delivered by an in-country capability, inherently skilled and experienced in South African retail market conditions,” he said. 

In times of market and global uncertainty, the partnership provides assurance, stability, and benefits to the South African economy, such as Australian-backed investment, as well as joint investment in training, development, and recruitment for its South African employees.

“Together, Retail Directions and Vexall are now able to offer South African retailers a globally proven retail solution that will give them a foundation for growth, whilst helping them to improve the experience for both their customers and staff,” Howard Barratt, Principal Consultant at Retail Directions in South Africa.

Retail Directions and Vexall have already secured their first joint retail client in South Africa and have generated strong interest amongst South African fashion and general merchandise retailers, who are keen to explore the benefits of the partnership.

The Retail Directions platform operates around a central integrated database for fully connected, omnipresent retailing. Using message queuing, their architecture gives retailers a single source of the truth, without making stores dependent on a centralised system.

Edited by Zintle Nkohla

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