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With enterprise mobility gaining traction, every industry has seen a rapid surge in the use of mobile devices. The logistics industry, like every other industry, relies heavily on mobile devices for internal and external communication and executing on-field operations. The drivers that carry the shipments from warehouses to their destinations set the standard for successful on-time deliveries and hence it becomes extremely crucial for businesses to monitor their driver fleet and the shipments in real-time.

Logistics and transportation of goods is not an easy task, there are several operational roadblocks that lie in the way of a successful voyage and timely delivery.

Understanding the Underlying Challenges of the Logistics Industry

The logistics industry, being a ‘permanently remote’ industry, is faced with certain challenges which if left unaddressed, can cause businesses to lose out on their efficiency and in turn, experience a dip in customer satisfaction. 

Let’s glance at the common concerns of every logistics business:

  1. Unsupervised drivers showing inefficient productivity levels
  2. Inability to track driver’s on-road behavior such as maintaining speed limits
  3. Unoptimized routes leading to transportation roadblocks
  4. Frequent detours and inability to track driver fleets
  5. Delayed deliveries leading to degraded customer service
  6. Inability to retain devices easily in case of device loss

A perfect way to tackle all of the above-mentioned problems is to implement a location tracking system. Scalefusion MDM offers efficient location monitoring capabilities to help businesses gain a real-time view of their on-field shipments and achieve simplified fleet management. 

Scalefusion MDM: The Ideal Fleet Management Tool

Scalefusion MDM is a device and endpoint management software that helps businesses streamline their tedious IT tasks and improve operational efficiency. Designed specifically to support enterprise mobility and to help mobile industries such as logistics and transportation to heighten their productivity levels, Scalefusion extends location monitoring capabilities to its users.

  1. Tracking real-time locations

    With Scalefusion’s location tracking feature businesses can be constantly aware of their drivers’ whereabouts and keep an eye on their mobile shipments and carriers. Logistics businesses can leverage GPS-based location tracking of their Android and iOS device fleets.
    Additionally, businesses can also;

  • Monitor routes being taken by various shipments and carriers
  • Obtain voyage details including time spent at every pitstop
  • Monitor on-road speed limits and distance traveled
  • Set frequency of collecting location details and generate route history
  • Obtain a comprehensive location summary of all fleets

2. Ensure compliance with Geofences

A ‘Geofence’ is a virtual perimeter created by defining coordinates of a real geographical area. Businesses leverage such Geofences to ensure area-specific compliance and enforce a defined boundary for their workforce to operate within.

Scalefusion enables businesses to create multiple geofences for their diverse device groups to enforce compliance on multiple devices, from a single unified dashboard. With Scalefusion’s geofencing capabilities logistics businesses can;

  • Notify on-site staff about the shipment’s arrival
  • Avoid detours and deviation from pre-planned paths
  • Set event-based compliance alerts when a geofence boundary is crossed
  • Configure automated  policies to switch device profiles based on the geofence

3. Tracking down lost devices

The modern-day logistics operations, being heavily driven by mobile technology, have led to all drivers and staff operating mobile devices to execute daily tasks. Mobile devices are of a compact nature to support easy mobility, but at the same time are at a high risk of being lost, especially in a work environment that’s constantly on the move.

Moreover, the logistics staff or drivers carry mobile devices that contain crucial business information including documents related to the transport goods, bill of ladings, packing lists, export licenses and much more. It is crucial for businesses to secure their corporate data on devices and ensure crisis control in case of device loss or theft. Having a functionality like GPS tracking lends businesses the power to accurately track devices based on their real-time locations, especially in events of device loss or theft.

Closing Lines

Businesses owning a large fleet of trucks or shipment carriers can benefit the most from Scalefusion’s location-tracking capabilities. With a plethora of other features to support your fleet management and remote operations, Scalefusion dashboard is easy to use and helps you to obtain a comprehensive view of your dispersed driver fleets, all from a single console.

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