Liquid & Unitas Global Are Building Africa’s Largest Interconnected Data Centre Network

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Partners With Multi-Cloud Platform Teridion To Deliver Faster Internet Connectivity In Africa And Other International Markets

Pan-African technology group, Liquid Intelligent Technologies has announced a strategic partnership with global managed network provider, Unitas Global in a bid to meet the demands of rapid digital transformation across the continent.

Through strategic interconnections, Liquid and Unitas are now better positioned to serve their customers in Africa and beyond, with this rapid response to the growing demand for secure, cost-effective, Cloud services.

Africa’s Largest Interconnected Data Centre Network

The partnership provides enormous expansion opportunities for both companies – Unitas Global further expands Unitas Reach with Liquid’s extensive pan-African network (100,000 km fibre backbone) that connects to over 40 data centres across 18 African countries, including Africa Data Centres, Teraco, and iColo.

Liquid, in turn, will be able to connect to Unitas Global’s integrated SDN, IP and Access network. Through its innovative software platform, Unitas Nexus, Liquid will be able to design, price, provision and manage end-to-end connectivity solutions across a cloud-first transport-independent infrastructure.

“We believe that everyone has the right to be connected,” says David Eurin,  Liquid Intelligent Technologies international wholesale CEO (Liquid Sea).

“The partnership of Liquid Sea with Unitas Global creates an unrivalled, world-class network of interconnected data centres across Africa, and the increased capability brings invaluable benefits to our customers in Africa and any companies doing business on the continent.”

Strategic interconnections with hundreds of other networks and fibre access providers extend the network access to the edge, including over 900 carrier-neutral data centres and 30 million enterprise locations in more than 133 countries.

“On-demand, ubiquitous reach from any edge to any cloud everywhere is our mission. This partnership brings Unitas Reac to Africa, connecting Africa data centres and businesses to cloud everywhere,” comments Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global.

“We are excited to add Liquid Technologies into Unitas Nexus, our Expedia-like platform for telecom, pointing demand from multi-national enterprises to design, price and order connectivity solutions that leverage Liquid’s unique services.”

The strategic partnership is another step in Liquid’s evolution to Africa’s leading digital solutions provider, offering superior data centre, Cloud, Cyber Security and Managed IT services, as well as the largest independent fibre network in Africa.

Edited by Luis Monzon
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