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South Africans Under 35 Can Now Book for Vaccinations with Discovery

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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South Africans aged between 18 – 34 were previously informed that they could only register for their COVID-19 jabs in September, however now it seems that under 35s are managing to register for vaccinations through healthcare insurance provider Discovery.

The Discovery platform is free and open for all South Africans, you don’t need to have a Discovery Medical Aid number or hold a Discovery product to sign up and book your jab now for September.

Last week, Discovery started sending emails to members of its medical aid in the 18 – 34 age group, advising them to register for vaccinations after 1 September on its COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator. According to Discovery, available booking slots for people in this age group for vaccinations will start from 1 September, as per the government’s rollout scheme.

The company says that people who book their vaccination site with Discovery should also register with the government’s electronic vaccination database system (EVDS) after September 1 to confirm, but at least this way people who want to be vaccinated in the age group will already have a date and time for their jabs at a Discovery-registered centre.

Users will still have to register with the EVDS because Discovery no longer automatically registers through the government’s platform. The company also noted that people who receive an SMS from the EVDS with their vaccine code and the location of the vaccination site can ignore it and still visit the chosen Discovery site at the time of their booked appointment instead.

Book Your Vaccination Through Discovery:

To begin booking, you must first create a Discovery Digital ID through the Discovery Prepaid Health portal – registration is free and you do not need any medical aid information (whether you are with Discovery or not).

You will be required to provide a valid South African ID Number, as well as a valid cellphone number or email address to sign up. Discovery will then send you an OTP through your chosen method, which you will use to confirm your details.

After, you will be asked to create a username and password.

Once the account is created and you are logged in, select the “COVID-19 Vaccination Navigator” tab in the Dashboard – You can’t miss it.

After, select “register now” and “First Dose”, then follow the site through the booking process – it’s simple.

To complete the booking you will have to re-confirm your details, and when the booking is finished you will receive an SMS or email with a confirmation of location, date and time.

Just remember to register with the EVDS on 1 September, and you are good to go with your booking through Discovery.

By Luis Monzon
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