How to Rapidly Drive Business Efficiency with Adobe & Microsoft

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Over the past year, there has been renewed energy and urgency around digital transformation. Digitised document and signing workflows are areas of digital transformation that ensure business continuity in the new hybrid, remote work environment.

Join Dax Data, in partnership with IT News Africa, on 18 August for a live virtual event to discover how Acrobat DC & Adobe Sign combine with Microsoft 365 to deliver powerful digital document and e-signature workflows. Find out how intelligent process automation can replace costly and time-consuming manual paper and ink manual activities.

“When implemented effectively, with tools that are fit for purpose, digital document processes streamline workflows, increase efficiencies and enhance productivity”, says Jeremy Matthews CEO of Dax Data.

“In this regard, Adobe and Microsoft are leading the way, developing digital tools that enhance user experience and make it easier to get things done” continues Matthews.

Adobe and Microsoft’s strategic partnership has facilitated the development of digital tools that make it possible to go completely paperless. Integrations between Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign and Microsoft 365 make it easier and more efficient for users to move through document processes than it would be with the paper-based alternatives.

Adobe’s Acrobat DC solutions have led PDF innovation for over 25 years – in fact, Acrobat DC is the global standard for creating, scanning, editing, signing, protecting and managing PDFs. A part of the Acrobat DC family, Adobe Sign is an enterprise-class e-signature service that is scalable and compliant, allowing you to send, sign, track and manage the process using a browser or mobile device. It delivers streamlined performance, robust security and enhanced document management.

Using these solutions inside the Microsoft applications that employees and customers already use minimises the learning curve and reduces the number of steps it takes to get things like contracts, sales agreements and proposals finalised and signed off. Users can convert Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files to PDF in Microsoft 365 or work with Microsoft 365 files in Acrobat DC. With Adobe Sign users can prepare and send documents for e-signature and track their status quickly and easily, right in Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, Word, and PowerPoint.

Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign are designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft solutions such as SharePoint and Power Automate to enable highly efficient and automated business process execution. Adobe Sign’s native plug-in for Microsoft Teams enables Live Signing during virtual meetings.

Matthews explains that moving to digital document processes makes business sense. According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact Study, the adoption of Adobe Sign delivers an ROI of 420%, decreases cycle time by 96% and drastically reduces the use of resources involved in paper-based document processes. The combination of Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign and Microsoft for a complete digital cycle enhance that value.

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By Staff Writer.