Harish Lala, SVP of Zensar SA, on Mindsets for Successful Digital Transformation

Harish Lala, Senior Vice President and Head, Africa - Zensar SA.

Harish Lala is the Senior Vice President and Head, Africa for Zensar South Africa, a technology consulting and services company present in 33 locations globally.

Zensar specialises in helping organisations with their digital business transformation, and the company has experience with firms in the banking, financial services and insurance, retail, hi-tech and manufacturing sectors.

With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Harish is a wealth of insightful observations, and his knowledge of digital transformation runs deep. Recently, Harish revealed that Zensar SA is 100% digital, with employees mostly working remotely and many daily business operations monitored through company apps on his personal mobile device.

With this in mind, IT News Africa’s Luis Monzon had the opportunity to chat with Harish about digital transformation in Africa, the mindsets needed for successful transformation, the impact of COVID-19, and why customer experience rests comfortably at the core of any digitalisation venture.

Listen below to hear Harish’s insights on the digital transformation of enterprises:

By Luis Monzon
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