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Take Control of Your Company’s Digital Transformation – Register for #DTF2021

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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Change is Inevitable

Digital transformation is as inevitable as the passage of time. The new will replace the old, as the axiom goes. Business leaders and company executives must evolve their organisations, or risk extinction in the future when attempting to transform too late proves too little.

One doesn’t need to go far for practical examples of this. In 2020, companies either adapted to the new normal or contemplated filing bankruptcy. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented and entirely unexpected event. Remember when “Remote Work” was just a novel idea?

Time will continue to present these events – these unexpected drastic changes, and forward-minded leaders, already preparing for the future, will find these events not as points of panic, but as points of confidence.

Organisations that had already been transforming into the digital space either barely felt the pandemic’s effects on their bottom lines, or they enjoyed exponential growth because they offered the services that their customers needed at the right time.

Forbes published an article describing the top 100 companies that prospered in spite of the pandemic in 2020. Among the top earners were entities that were either already preparing for a wholesale digital shift or were ready to capitalise when the opportunity presented itself.

Amazon for many years had grown from strength to strength, but their business exploded as people were forced to shop from home.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella had the tech powerhouse already translating to the cloud before COVID-19. Azure became an essential digital backbone for many companies across the globe.

PayPal recorded an enormous 7.4-million new users in April; one month after much of the world went into lockdown.

Zoom became a household name seemingly overnight simply because they were prepared to offer their service when it mattered most.

The success of these entities is contrasted by the closures or bankruptcies of many, many companies in South Africa and abroad. Companies that had grown comfortable with their “traditional” systems and models and were wholly unprepared for when the world changed.

The Digital Transformation Forum 2021

The business landscape has changed, and it will only continue to do so. In this time of technological disruption, it is an undeniable fact that organisations must gear up towards being equipped with the necessary digital and management skills to adapt and innovate.

The virtual DTF 2021 congress is aimed at imparting knowledge on how technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, Analytics, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud & Edge Computing, and Gamification can offer immense opportunities for companies to develop resilient business models in the face of this unceasing change.

Attendees of the virtual congress will examine how to enact resilient, long-term, cloud-based digital infrastructures that drive the future-of-work, future-of-connectedness, data management, connected digital experiences and digital innovation strategies in order to help organisations in determining what digital transformation means for them.

Join IT News Africa on the 29th of June and find out how to take control of your company’s digital transformation.

Key Topics to be covered at this year’s DTF include:

5G & Digital Transformation Go Mainstream – How will this shape enterprise Digital adoption – Marc Jadoul, Market Strategist Director at Nokia

Digital Transformations Importance for Enterprise in the Post-COVID World – James Scott, Chief Digital Officer – Wholesale – Barclays Africa Group

Hybrid Workplaces: Digital Transformation and the Future of Work – Dr Dieter Veldsman, Grp. Exec. – People Management, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited

Accelerating Future Digital Transformation Initiatives for Customer Experience Success – Brett StClair, Teraflow.AI CEO & Co-Founder, Ex-Barclays Africa Digital Executive and Ex-Google Cloud African Regional Executive – DTF’s International Keynote Speaker

For more information on the Forum and to register visit:


By Luis Monzon
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