Bolt Kenya Goes Green With New Electric Motorbikes, Scooters

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On-demand transportation service Bolt, once known as Taxify, has unveiled a series of new branded electric scooters, and e-motorbikes. The company is pushing for greener, more environmentally-minded transport as it hurls itself into Kenya’s food delivery market.

This new initiative is geared towards reducing Bolt’s environmental footprint, write Techweez.

It likewise will also fulfil the demand for lighter, smarter modes of transport that are less expensive to maintain. The new move will eliminate challenges like fluctuating fuel prices, the most significant operating cost for drivers.

“This is a great step towards realizing environmentally conscious ways for people to move around in the city, reduce our ecological footprint, decrease air pollution and increase access to clean transportation modes,” says Hillary Miller-Wise, Regional Director, Bolt Africa.

“We also trust that this is a stride forward to mitigate the impacts of constant fluctuating fuel costs and will stabilize the growth and sustainability of driver earnings and cost of doing business. We believe that the future of urban transport is a network of on-demand services which include electric vehicles, tuk-tuks (scooters), bikes and other light vehicles.”

Currently, the electric vehicles are slated to only be used by drivers for Bolt’s on-demand food delivery service. The company has plans to begin introducing electric vehicles into its ride-hailing service as well in the near future.

Bolt Food

Bolt diversified into Kenya’s food delivery business during the rise of a third COVID-19 wave in the country. The company’s food delivery has since seen significant growth with lauded receptions with Nairobi – likewise boosting the customer base for local restaurants, and giving customers more options for lunch.

“We will be making deliveries using the newly launched tuk-tuks (scooters) and bicycles within Nairobi as we expand into other towns across the country. Our customers will now have more eco-friendly and sustainable options to choose from while still enjoying the same great door-to door deliveries experience from Bolt Food,” says Edgar Kipngetich Kitur, Country Manager, Bolt Food.

“We are committed to transforming the food delivery sector in Kenya and we continue to invest in innovative products that enhance quality service delivery and great customer experiences at affordable costs.”

With Bolt Food, the company now offers the most diversified array of ride-hailing and on-demand delivery services in the country. Bolt is set to continue to deliver at affordable prices.

“Our core business is to provide reliable, safe and affordable transportation services to everyone and we are excited to make travel easier and smarter across the country. We are humbled to offer Kenyans more choices to move and conduct their businesses smartly in cities,” concludes Miller-Wise.

Bolt Continues to Grow

Kenya is now the first and only African market where Bolt has introduced green transport options. The company is planning to launch eco-transport in other African markets as well.

With on-demand delivery services exploding, especially in markets such as South Africa, we should expect Bolt’s greener deliveries sooner rather than later.

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