How to Maximise Your Freelance Writing Opportunities

Life as a freelance writer isn’t always easy. On the contrary, competition for work can be fierce. Finding new clients can be a challenge. And breaking into new industries can take months –– if not years –– of hard toil. As such, it’s important for freelance writers to understand how to maximize their writing opportunities and to market themselves as effectively as possible. Having strong writing skills alone won’t be enough to ensure you succeed as a freelancer. Thankfully, these tips will help you find quality freelancing opportunities –– regardless of your experience level. Check them out here: 

Deliver Excellent Returns

One of the best ways to unlock doors in the freelancing marketplace is to perform at a high level for any client currently on your books. Even if you only write a few blogs a month, make sure that you go above and beyond at first to develop a solid reputation with your clients. Garnering good reviews and positive feedback from trusted voices in an industry can lend legitimacy to your resume. What’s more, some clients may even be able to refer you to their business partners for more work in the future. However, in order to get any of these benefits, you have to produce quality work first and foremost. 

Expand Your Reach

There are many different platforms that freelancers can use to advertise their services. So if you’re not satisfied with your current workload, consider creating new profiles on different freelancing websites. Greater exposure will almost certainly lead to more hires. 

Update Update Update

As a freelancer, you’re constantly learning new things and picking up new skills. Make it a point to let the world know about them! For instance, if you went back to school to learn SEO copywriting techniques, then update your online profiles to reflect that fact. What’s more, list what industries you’ve worked in previously. You never know when a new client might value your experience on a certain project from your past. 


Negotiating can be an unpleasant experience for new freelancers. Yet, it’s a vital part of the process all the same. If you want to find good work, then you have to be willing to bargain –– at least a little bit –– with potential clients. Don’t hesitate to drop or raise your price when the situation calls for it. This is a business after all!

Say “Yes” More

Some freelancers have a narrow view of their own skillset. Though this can be helpful in some instances, it can also hold you back and keep you from finding lucrative opportunities online. There’s little harm in taking on a new project if you think you can handle it. Remember, everyone has to break into a new field somehow. 


Whether you’re more comfortable writing a technical blog about bunions for a clinic like Northwest Surgery Center or an article on the latest fashion trends for a magazine, these tips will help you discover new freelancing possibilities. Keep them handy moving forward!

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