Why Companies Opt for Webinars to Reach Clients, Prospects

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns forced companies all over the world to either cancel physical events and conferences — or move them online.

The latter gave organisations the opportunity to adopt new ways to operate, accelerate their digital transformation strategies and open up their businesses to untapped markets across the globe. However, navigating this new normal has proven a challenge, with organisations reporting an average online event attendance rate of 46%.

The fact is, there are many webinar platforms out there such as Webex, MS Teams and Zoom, but the challenge is attracting and securing the right audience.

With this in mind, IT News Africa has developed a cost-effective and convenient way to engage with clients, partners and prospects online — tailored webinars. We will organise an engaging webinar for your company; guaranteed to attract your target audience.

This brand-focused solution will allow you to showcase your company through powerful narratives and dynamic leadership content to our solid database of CxOs, IT leaders and industry professionals.

Simply let us know who you want to reach and our events team will ensure that your webinar is well attended by your desired target audience. And the best part is that you only pay for confirmed attendees; whether you want 20 or 200.

Now’s the time to connect to your customers and prospects, and close deals! For more information, contact us HERE

Staff writer