Airial Robotics to Exhibit at HISA 2020

Airial Robotics has developed a new generation of UAV’s which significantly expand the opportunities to operate commercial drones. We have evaluated and re-thought every aspect of the UAV products to come up with better solutions using progressive methods and modern technologies. 

The Gyrotrak platform has been designed to far exceed current industry standards in terms of flight time, payload, range and efficiency whilst at the same time possessing a highly modular system architecture. 

All of Airial Robotics’ products are developed and produced in Europe to meet aviation quality standards.

GT20 Gyrotrak UAV 

GT20 is a commercial UAV (Unmanned Aerial System) unlike any other in today’s drone industry. It has been designed and built from its initial concept to operate fully automated missions, beyond visual line of sight in all weather conditions. Gyrotrak takes-off vertically like a helicopter then transitions into highly energy-efficient forward flight in gyrocopter mode with the main rotor decoupled from the drive motor. As a result, Gyrotrak can takeoff, hover and land vertically as often as needed and can fly at speeds from 0 (hovering) to 150 km/h. Its all-electric flight time is up to 2.5h depending on payload, environment and mission profile.

High-Performance Drone built for transportation, inspections and surveillance

With its BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) capability and an uninterrupted electric flight time of up to 2.5 hours, GT20 is the perfect tool for heavy mission payloads of up to 6.5kg allowing quick delivery of medical goods or critical spare parts to where they are needed – safe and weather independent. It is also used for extensive horizontal infrastructure inspection like pipelines, power lines, wind farms, perimeter security or large solar panel fields. 

High level of operational readiness

GT20 is rated to IP65 and can operate safely in strong wind up to 10 Bft (55knots/100 km/h) and heavy rain within a temperature range of  -15° C to +40°C. Maintenance is easy and straightforward due to the fully electric drive and no complicated tail rotor system, which results in fewer mechanical parts – this also contributes to lower operational costs.

Safety by design

The aircraft is produced in Europe to aviation class standard. GT20’s ability to autorotate and its glide ratio of 10:1 means that it can still fly to a designated emergency site and land safely, even if all drive systems fail. The DO-178/ED-12 and DO-254 certified Autopilot is operational proven, reliable and easy to use. The hybrid concept of the GT20 unites low energy consumption and the outstandingly safe flight characteristics of a Gyrocopter, with the VTOL abilities of a helicopter, giving it not only long flight times and high flight security but also the ability to hover, take-off and land vertically.

Tailored to your needs

GT20 being modular is extremely versatile and can be fully customized to the operator’s requirements. With a payload of up to 6.5 kg, GT20 can carry a wide selection of mission loads. Tell us your application and we will configure the system to your requirements from a selection of  Zoom, Infrared, night vision or EO/IR cameras combined with radar, ADS-B, FLARM or other traffic management systems. Also, the payload bay can be tailored to your specific needs. You can even define the colour and the logos you want to see on your UAS or UAS fleet.

Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa 2020

Technology is transforming industries on a global scale, with the COVID-19 pandemic presenting an interesting opportunity for medical practitioners and policy-makers to test new ways in which technology — like Telemedicine, AI, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing and Mobility — can facilitate sustainable healthcare systems of the future.

HISA 2020 will bring together the who’s who of Africa’s healthcare and technology communities for two days of networking, lively intellectual exchange and exploration into what will shape the future of healthcare.

Key Topics at HISA 2020 include:

  • Building Resilient Health Systems in a COVID-19
  • Impact of the Pandemic on Digital Health Disruption
  • Identity and Access Management for Healthcare
  • COVID-19 and Technologies for Patient Engagement
  • Analytics in Healthcare – How Can We Start the Process?

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr Vuma Magapa, Director e-Health at the Department of Health, KZN
  • Eldrid Jordaan, CEO of GovChat
  • Greg Horne, Global Principal of Healthcare at SaS Institute
  • Daniel Marfo, GM of Zipline International
  • Paul Cox, Managing Director of Essential Med
  • Maria Carpenter, Head of Digital Channels at Discovery
  • Dr Ramneek Ahluwalia, CEO of Higher Health SA
  • Boitumelo Sementle Makokotlela, CEO of SAHPRA (South Africa Health Products Regulatory Authority)
  • Teshlin Akaloo, MD of Innovative Healthcare Solutions at Netcare
  • Loic Potjes, MD of Disruptive Leap

How to participate:

Register for this summit HERE 

For more information on this event visit:

[t]: 011 026 0981/2  [e]:

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