Infinix Unveils the Note 8

Infinix and Imint have collaborated to unveil the Note 8 smartphone.

The inclusion of Imint’s Vidhance Video Stabilization in the new Infinix Note 8 is expected to give users an elevated video experience within a smartphone formfactor.

The Infinix Note 8 marks the second collaboration between the two companies – the first being the Infinix Note 7. 

“Consumers are increasingly prioritizing smartphone video capabilities over photography performance, largely due to the growth of video-based social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube – where quality video is essential to building viewerships and captivating audiences,” says Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO of Imint.

“As such, forward-looking smartphone OEMs like Infinix are leveling up their video performance to meet consumer demand. Infinix has proven to be a terrific partner – putting customer experience above all else – and we look forward to continued collaboration.”

Vidhance Video Stabilization utilizes built-in smartphone sensors to compensate for unwanted camera motion while maintaining any intended movement like camera panning. The solution offers low power consumption and high performance even in low light conditions and can be deployed in both real-time and post-processing. The solution is compatible with existing OIS and supports 4K and 8K video content.

The Infinix Note 8 is powered by a MediaTek Helio G80 processor, which ensures that the phone operates at incredibly fast speeds.

”The Infinix Note 7 was introduced to rave reviews and touted as one of its categories highest performing smartphones – thanks to both internal engineering excellence and strategic collaborations with the right partners,” says Hong Ke, Senior Director of Product at Infinix Mobile.

“As smartphone video creation explodes in popularity, our work with Imint is critical in delivering our community with the calibre of video performance they need to push the boundaries in terms of content creativity and ingenuity.”

In addition to Vidhance Video Stabilization and the MTK Helio G80 processor, the Infinix Note 8 boasts the company’s largest dual-front camera screen, six 64M Ultra HD cameras and a fast-charging, massive 5200mAh battery with extended endurance – making it a sleek and ultra-fast phone with long-lasting battery life.

Edited by Jenna Delport
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