Airtel Africa Reports Double Digit Growth

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Airtel Africa has reported double-digit growth and stronger performance in Q2, with revenue up by 19.6% – in spite of interruptions from COVID-19 and the associated restrictions on activities of both consumers and businesses.

The telco saw growth across every region; Nigeria revenue increased 20.2% and EBITDA growth of 21.5%, East Africa revenue up 21.9% and EBITDA growth of 35.1%, Francophone Africa revenue up 4.4% and EBITDA growth of 4.1%.

Voice and Data led to a mobile revenue increase of 15.3% while Mobile Money revenue grew by 30.4%. Airtel Money now serves over 20million customers.

The telco says that it is in a strong financial position to capture the growth opportunities in a fast-growing region that is vastly underpenetrated in terms of mobile and banking services.

Airtel Zambia and Ericsson Joined Forces to Champion eWaste Awareness

Airtel Zambia and Ericsson have partnered to launch the ‘Product Take-Back’ programme – an initiative that aims to minimize the potential impact of eWaste on the environment. eWaste, not recycled properly, is said to be an under-acknowledged environmental hazard around the world.

The Product Take-Back programme is part of Ericsson’s Sustainability efforts geared towards taking accountability for environmental impacts of all products and services during their lifecycle. The programme is expected to ensure that end-of-life material is treated and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Airtel’s CEO and MD, Apoorva Mehrotra says, “Airtel is committed to being socially responsible. We believe that the adoption of responsible eWaste disposal techniques will help to manage the impact on the environment. We are collaborating with Ericsson in eWaste management to not only evacuate the waste but also educate the general public and all key stakeholders about the importance of the proper disposal of e-waste in the country.”

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