Safaricom is Testing an Airtime and Data Usage Tracking Feature

Sourced from Tech Weez.

Safaricom is reportedly testing a new web app feature that allows users to track their airtime and data usage, according to TechWeez.

Users who want to test out this feature will need to log on to the web app via their smartphone, Safaricom will then verify the users by sending an OTP to their device.

Once logged in, users can track their airtime and data usage by selecting the account tab. From there, users should be able to choose to view either their data or airtime usage.

“Safaricom explicitly says that the current features are being tested and the data displayed may not be accurate.”

Safaricom Customers Use 1GB of Data Per Month on Average

With the release of Safaricom’s 2019/2020 FY results, there are new details about the massive telecom’s userbase and revenue.

Service revenue grew by +4.8% year on year to $2.3-billion (KES 251.2-billion) from the $2.2-billion (KES 239.8-billion) recorded revenue of the previous financial year.

The profile for the service’s revenue reveals that the majority of the profits were attributed to outgoing voice calls, about 34.5%, and the use of M-PESA, 33.6%. Mobile data racked up an impressive 16.2% of the profits.

Active Users

In terms of active users, the full-year results – analysed up to 31 March 2020, report that the carrier has 28.6-million one-month active users. This represents a +9.5% growth from the previous financial year. Out of that number, 22.0 million are active one-month mobile data users, a growth from 20.5 million recorded in HY 2019/2020.


In terms of data use, more than 9-million customers use more than 100 MB of data per month. However, the average Safaricom user will rack up as much as 1 GB of data per month.

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