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Gozem Unveils New ‘Super App’

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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Gozem has introduced its new ‘Super App’ interface which consolidates all of its different services — ride-hailing, delivery, eCommerce, and an in-app wallet — into one app.

“As we launched various new services and verticals over the last year, we heard from our users that if we were able to offer a holistic experience in our app, we’d offer real value by reducing friction and enhancing convenience,” says Gozem Co-Founder, Emeka Ajene.

“To that end, this new Super App has been a long time coming, and we’re happy to continue tailoring our products and services to local needs so that our users who live busy lives can get right to the services they want when they want them. By bringing all of our various service offerings into one common space, we’re making navigating our app a lot simpler for our users.”

In the Super App, customers can order a motorcycle, tuk-tuk, or taxi ride, arrange the pick-up delivery of merchandise & goods, and order groceries, electronics, and other eCommerce items from partner supermarkets & vendors.

In addition, every customer has a Gozem wallet rechargeable using mobile money solutions from local telcos, making it simple to pay for all services in a secure way.

The new Super App also enables local merchants to partner with Gozem and grow their business by widening their customer base and logistic capabilities. Partner merchants will gain access to Gozem’s user base, along with a trusted network of Gozem Champions for last-mile delivery.

“We’re excited by the early positive signs we’re seeing with the new Super App rollout. More users are already adopting more service offerings, partner merchants are seeing an increase in business, and Gozem Champions are seeing increased earnings per hour. Users really appreciate the simplicity and the redesign is already having a noticeable impact on business results,” adds Ajene.

The new app is now available in each of the seven cities in which Gozem currently operates.

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