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5 Cybersecurity Tips for SMEs during Lockdown

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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In South Africa, 75% of CEOs stated that the increasing complexity of cyber threats is shaping their businesses. This is according to the PwC 23rd Annual CEO Survey 2020 which also highlights the growing public concern over data privacy and vulnerabilities in supply chains and business partners. However, with most businesses working from home to stop the spread of COVID-19, these results may increase.

Louis Aucamp, Managing Director at Equality Group and Intuit QuickBooks trainer, says that it is for these reasons that businesses are adopting technological security solutions. “As we are well into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and many companies are run using the Internet, online security has become a priority, much like the steps every business needs to take to protect physical assets such as buildings and documents.”

He says there are five precautions business owners can take to ensure that their house is in order from an Internet perspective. These include:

1. Invest in an antivirus: Organisations need to have a trusted antivirus software package and make sure it’s up to date.

2. Install browser protection: Put procedures in place to prevent staff from accessing unauthorised or dodgy sites. This is most often where these hackers gain access to your computers.

3. Email filters: Set up strong junk mail filters on your emails, and teach and remind staff not to open emails from unknown or suspicious sources.

4. Make regular, different backups: Don’t back-up over your last back-up. Have multiple back-ups.

5. Follow up on notifications of data changes or logins: It may be just an SMS, but make sure it’s valid.

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