3 Ways MultiChoice is Supporting the Local Entertainment Industry

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Every day various sectors across the continent are adjusting and finding new ways to deal with challenges brought about by the current coronavirus pandemic. Given the MultiChoice Group’s position in Africa’s video entertainment sector, the group is acutely aware of the challenges its partners in the industry are facing. At this time MultiChoice will be standing by them.

Across the continent business and industry are experiencing disruptions and delays. In South Africa, production has come to a complete halt as the industry adheres to the national lockdown.

It is for this reason that MultiChoice has decided to implement several measures, aimed at safeguarding the incomes of cast, crew, and creatives as well as the sustainability of production houses. With these measures, the group believes it can hopefully steer the industry through this tumultuous time.

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Here are three ways MultiChoice is ensuring the local entertainment industry is supported during these trying times:

1. MultiChoice has set aside R80 million to ensure that current productions are able to pay full salaries of cast, crew, and creatives for the months of March and April

The need to secure the salaries of our creatives goes a long way in creating income stability for them and their families.

2. MultiChoice is launching an online learning portal

Through the MultiChoice Talent Factory, Multichoice’s new online learning portal will support over 40 000 members of the industry to gain access to courses and online masterclasses, so they can continue to hone their craft whilst adhering to the public health measures of social distancing and isolation.

3. MultiChoice guarantees the incomes of freelancers in SuperSport Productions

The entertainment and media powerhouse guarantees the incomes of freelancers in its SuperSport Productions, who are currently unable to work due to the suspension of sport and the national lockdown. This extends to guaranteeing the income of freelancers in its broadcast technology environment.

“Our main concern is to ensure as much as possible that we secure the incomes of creatives, cast and crew over this period. We want to ensure that they and their families are not negatively impacted as work has come to a standstill,” says MultiChoice Group CEO, Calvo Mawela.

As an industry made up of thousands of freelance actors, producers, directors and camera operators, Africa’s video entertainment industry is particularly vulnerable at this time. These people play a critical role in keeping viewers and communities informed, entertained and connected. All the whilst contributing significantly to the economy.

Edited by Luis Monzon

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