Bolt Offers Vehicle Sanitation to Protect Drivers and Passengers

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Ride-hailing service Bolt, previously known as Taxify, has partnered with Meridian Hygiene to help drivers and passengers keep sanitised and safe by offering a free fogging service at its driver centre in Charles Crescent Johannesburg, with immediate effect. The service will be rolled out to drivers in other cities in the coming days.

Later in the week, drivers will also have access to hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant, and protective face masks at the centre at preferential rates, at a time when these commodities are scarce, difficult to find, and frequently unfairly priced.

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“Daily fogging is one of the most effective ways to rid an environment of unwanted viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and will protect drivers and their passengers from infection,” says Gareth Taylor, country manager for Bolt South Africa. “Additional measures such as protective masks and the frequent use of hand sanitizer will ensure protection and peace of mind for everyone using the Bolt service.”

The fogging process uses biodegradable, food-safe, non-toxic chemicals, and the Meridian Hygiene product has been scientifically proven to be effective against COVID-19. It does not leave any residue in the fogged environment, which is available for use within 30 minutes of the process being completed.

“Bolt is doing everything possible to ensure that drivers are still able to earn an income during the current coronavirus crisis while taking every measure possible to protect drivers and passengers from virus transmission,” Taylor says. “We are in constant communication with drivers, reminding them about safety precautions and how to protect themselves and their passengers, while still delivering an essential service to the many South Africans who rely on ride-hailing for their transport needs.”

“We are proactively looking for ways to support essential services and staff that require alternative modes of transport during times of shut down,” Taylor adds.

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