LEAKED: Images of TCL’s ‘Slide-Out’ Smartphone

Image sourced from CNET.

Chinese tech manufacturer, TCL is reportedly working on a device with a ‘slide-out’ display, according to leaked images shared by CNET. CNET’s sources claim that the company was set to showoff this phone at the Mobile World Congress which was recently cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In stark comparison to foldable smartphones, like the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or the Motorolla Razr, the TCL device makes use of an extendable display that slides out from beneath the top screen.

While TCL has yet to confirm the validity of the images or the latest form-factor, smartphone aficionados can take it as a sign that tech manufacturers aren’t quite done when it comes to pushing the physical limits of a device. Although, this design does leave viewers asking a number of questions.

“For starters, when the device is expanded the screen seems to stretch continuously from one edge to the other, which begs the question of where it goes when the device is unexpanded? If it folds behind the first screen then it’s going to have to bend very sharply in order to fit inside the smartphone-sized housing,” says Jon Porter in an article for The Verge.

“The design also suggests that half of the phone will be left empty when the device is expanded since it has to be able to fit while the device is in its more compact mode.”

Don’t hold your breath 

This isn’t the first time that TCL has been found working on unique devices – just last year it demonstrated a foldable prototype that was so fragile, not even TLC employees were really allowed to test it.

The company says that it will be “taking it slow” when it comes to these innovative designs.

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