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Enhancing the power of IBM SPSS Statistics with OLSPS Statistical Interpreter

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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Regardless of industry, many users of IBM SPSS Statistics don’t realise the full analytical power of the software, which can be further enhanced when coupled with the OLSPS Statistical Interpreter (SI). OLSPS SI is an interpretation and reporting tool which converts complex IBM SPSS statistical test outputs into meaningful, accessible reports at the click of a button. 

IBM SPSS Statistics, an international favourite when it comes to statistical analysis, offers several advantages. Most users choose IBM SPSS Statistics because it’s easy to use and doesn’t require a high level of statistical knowledge to derive results. This, however, does not necessarily assist the user in fully understanding the results, which is where further value can be unlocked using OLSPS SI.  

With all the statistical capabilities in IBM SPSS Statistics, the OLSPS team felt that there was still additional value that could be added for users. ‘’We saw an opportunity to transform the powerful statistical outputs of IBM SPSS Statistics into written outputs that were easier to understand,’’ says Doctor Amos Barkai, CEO and Co-Founder of OLSPS. 

Users without advanced statistical knowledge may find it challenging to get the full benefit of the raw statistical results produced. This can adversely affect research progress and subsequent business decisions. After years of OLSPS interacting with and supporting clients, the OLSPS Statistical Interpreter was born.

SI – an effortless plugin – incorporates report-generating capabilities into IBM SPSS Statistics, allowing the user to transform their numerical results into a meaningful interpretation in either a Microsoft Word or HTML format.

The plugin can easily be added to IBM SPSS Statistics by downloading and installing the plugin from the SI website. All OLSPS’s IBM SPSS Statistics clients have access to SI reports, and further reports can easily be purchased online through a pay-per-use model. Routines include ‘Descriptive Statistics’, ‘Frequency Analysis’, ‘One-Sample T-Test’, ‘Means’ procedures, and others. New routines are then added on an ongoing basis. The OLSPS team will be introducing SI with a free webinar on 11 February 2020. 

When purchasing from OLSPS the potency and efficiency of IBM SPSS Statistics, paired with the simplicity of the OLSPS Statistical Interpreter, will result in an accessible report that the user can easily generate at the click of a button. For those who already have the IBM SPSS Statistical software, SI can be acquired as a standalone add-on directly from OLSPS. 

For any enquiries, OLSPS can be reached on +27 21 702 4666 or

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