Cell C and Explore Data Science Academy to upskill Data Scientists

Cell C in partnership with Explore Data Science Academy teams up to upskill a generation of Data Scientists.

South African network provider, Cell C announced on Thursday, 5 December 2019, that it would launch ‘Cell C Data Scientists’ in partnership with Explore Data Science Academy. The partnership aims to provide funding and skills development to 24 disadvantaged young men and women from all over the country who show high potential in Maths and Science.

Cell C in partnership with Explore Data Science Academy teams up to upskill a generation of Data Scientists.

These students will participate in a yearlong programme that will see them qualify as ICT innovators and potential employment as Data Scientists, Engineers and or Software Developers at Cell C.

“We are committed to creating relevant skills development opportunities that will allow the youth of South Africa to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution”, says Juliet Mhango Chief Human Capital Development & Transformation Officer at Cell C.

A study by Accenture on Creating South Africa’s Future Workforce suggests that there are 5.7 million jobs currently at risk in South Africa, however, through the reallocation of skills and by doubling the pace at which the workforce acquires relevant skills, South African companies can reshape work and activities such that the share of jobs at risk of being fully automated reduce from 35 per cent (5.7 million jobs) to 14 per cent (2.5 million jobs) by 2025.

“To ensure we also effectively upskilling current Cell C employees with the relevant digital skills, 10 of the selected participants are Cell C employees who will be given a chance to develop their skills in Data Science through this program”, adds Mhango.

“Explore Data Science Academy is delighted to be adding Cell C to its growing list of corporate sponsors. With Explore’s post-graduation employment record of 93%, we believe that Cell C is helping to make a meaningful difference to inclusive youth employment and adding valuable talent to its organization,” says Mark Schroeder, Chief Commercial Officer of Explore Data Science Academy.

“Globally and in South Africa, there is a growing demand for digital skills with an ability to solve real-world problems. This partnership enables that demand to be met in an efficient and innovative model with benefits for the learners, Cell C and ultimately our country. These partnerships enable young South Africans to do amazing things,” he concludes.

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