tt100 Awards Interview: PRD Logical Solutions

Portia Mavhungu, Managing Director at PRD Logical Solutions.

In 2011, Portia Mavhungu, Managing Director at PRD Logical Solutions, broke her pelvis, leaving her wheelchair-bound for seven months. For the first time, she really understood the difficulties that disabled people face every day. This realisation inspired her to pioneer programmes and solutions that would assist those facing the same challenges that she did.

Portia Mavhungu, Managing Director at PRD Logical Solutions.

In 2015, Mavhungu received funding from the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), which allowed her to further develop a newly-formed company, PRD Logical Solutions.

Mavhungu explains that her company plays an integral part in everyday lives – by finding challenges and solving issues with innovative ideas that are affordable and available to every economic class and allowing everyone an equal a chance to face simple daily challenges without struggling.

What is the core focus of your business?
PRD logical solutions is a social innovation company that focuses on innovation for persons living with a disability.

What have been the company’s biggest highlights for 2019?
We’ve received the GCIP social innovation award, were mentioned by president Cyril Ramaphosa at the commemoration speech on June 16th and received the award from the tt100.

Could you tell us about your future plans and upcoming programmes?
We are in the process of commercializing our product and as well as looking for funding to manufacture our own devices.

Why are programs like the tt100 beneficial to enterprises?
It puts us in to touch with the relevant resources and contacts that we need to grow our company and products.

How has winning the award impacted your business?
Besides being the only black female receiving this award it puts us in a position to be examples of women-owned companies to scale our business and contribute to society.

What advice would you give to future leaders who are starting out within the same industry?
No matter what you are doing always know that there is no such thing as a silly idea and when the going gets tough never ever give up allow your passion to overpower your fear.

PRD Logical Solutions recently won the tt100 2019 award for Best Innovation Concept.

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