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6 examples of real-life AI applications

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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Whether you do a Google Search, book a trip online or receive a product recommendation from eCommerce sites; artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be lurking in the background. For those of us who may not know that technologies like machine learning, AI, and deep learning are the future, then here’s a look at six real-time applications of AI and Machine learning:

1. Customer Support
In present times, it is very hard to find a good online site that will only offer one type of high-tech customer support other than the traditional support channel approaches which can be maintained using an email or phone. Traditional customer channels are costing businesses cash alongside the wastage of the HR which can be coordinated towards progressively smart and innovative undertakings generally.

With the help of the AI-enabled customer assistants, the machine can answer all your queries and assist you in getting a particular product based upon your description and much more. The online shopping experience can be richly enhanced by the chatbots as it helps to increase user retention by sending reminders and notifications, offering spontaneous answers when compared to the human assistant which also helps to reduce the response time.

2. Rich Shopping Experience
We as a whole know about how the internet shopping stage enables you to gather and store a great deal of data about your use regardless of whether you wish to give it or not. It is seen that Google Analytics is separated from everyone else equipped for getting an online store with data like your area, program, gadget and considerably more to identify how a lot of time all together is spent on each page.

By implementing the AI on your online store, it is possible for the store admin to personalize the customer experience on a deeper level. Such a personalization results in more timely alerts, messages, and visuals which are particularly interested in you along with the dynamic content which is modified as per the user demands and supply.

Online stores can change the currency and interface on an automatic basis by sending the notifications based on the best-selling products and offering time limits on the desired products.

3. Healthcare
AI proves to be a game-changer in the field of healthcare by improving each and every part of the industry on a virtual basis. AI is implemented in every field be it from safeguarding the patient’s personal records against the cybercriminals to assisting the surgeries.

It is frequently seen that medicinal services are experiencing increasingly wasteful procedures and soaring restorative expenses for quite a while. An AI-empowered workflow assistant aides doctors in freeing up their schedules by reducing the time and costs in order to streamline the processes and open up new avenues for the industry.

4. Finance
With the aid of the AI in the finance industry is a perfect match as the financial sector is heavily depending on the real-time reporting, accuracy, and processing of the larger chunks of the quantitative data that helps further to make crucial decisions. All of these areas are easily expelled by the AI because it is helping the users to work with the finance sector in a quicker way by implementing machine learning, algorithmic trading, adaptive intelligence, automation and chatbots for an array of processes.

As there are robotized guides controlled by AI, it is able enough to anticipate the best portfolio on the inclinations however the market information filtering. Noteworthy reports depend on the important monetary information which is created from the key information purposes of the a great many the information by sparing various hours of the work.

5. Smart Machines
When it comes to AI applications, you can hardly get a more prominent and better demonstration of the technology which can be more featured in the smart cars and the drone manufactures which are accomplishing it with the same technology. All the huge names like Amazon and Walmart are heavily investing in drone delivery programs which increase delivery efficiency.

A large segment of the autonomous vehicles sector is connected and able to share the learning with each other which sets to increase the ratio at a rapid pace in the future. With the self-running vehicle running roadside and automatons conveying snappier shipments, a lot of transportation and administration related issues can be settled a lot quicker.

6. Travel and Navigation
AI is becoming one of the key tools for service providers and users. From suggesting an efficient route home or making travel arrangements; AI tends to help loads of people in taking the big leap. Specifically, travel organizations are profiting by the omnipresent use of shrewd gadgets.

A large number of the users review travel tips and research local landmarks by booking trips on these devices with the help of AI-powered travel assistants. Likewise, chatbots are changing the movement of business by encouraging the human-like mediation, better-reserving costs and faster reaction times.

By Rooney Reeves

Edited by Jenna Delport

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