The battle continues, but Cofense is uniting humanity against phishing

‘Everyone prepares for battle in their way’, says Janet Morris, American fiction and non-fiction author, best known for her fantasy and science fiction as well as her production of a non-lethal weapons concept for the US military, and generally people are advised to choose the battles that matter and also the ones they believe they can win. Cofense, a provider of intelligent phishing defence solutions, is adopting a new battle cry: ‘Uniting humanity against phishing’.

This is reported by Stefan van de Giessen, general manager: cybersecurity at value-added distributor Networks Unlimited Africa, a distribution partner with Cofense in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Technology is only part of the solution in today’s fight against cybercrime,” he notes. “We have recently come to the end of another annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it is top-of-mind right now that people – meaning the ordinary layperson – must always be enabled to play a critical role in the fight against cybercrime, which works primarily on deceit and threats.

“With data breaches being the primary threat to all organisations over the next 10 years, and 90 per cent of cyberattacks starting with phishing attacks that continue to evolve, we know that perimeter technology alone can’t stop phishing. Only by uniting people with technology can we defeat these bad actors. This is the consistent ethos behind Cofense’s solutions.”

Cofense is well-known for offering human-focused phishing defence solutions which enable people to identify, report, and mitigate such threats as spear phishing and malware. The Cofense phishing defence platform embraces, enables and leverages crowd intelligence on a global scale.

Van de Giessen adds, “Cofense maintains that human intelligence is vital to phishing defences and that it is essential to educate users through a phishing awareness program, allowing employers to empower employees to be their best defence against phishing, rather than being the weakest link.

“Against this background, its latest marketing initiative offers an invitation for people to share their own stories on the Share Your Story campaign page, which encourages partners and end-users to explain how they are playing a role in uniting humanity against phishing. It goes hand-in-hand with a fresh new video, which can be seen here.”

Van de Giessen says the Cofense guiding philosophy fits in perfectly with the prevailing beliefs at Networks Unlimited Africa. “As a company, we play a significant role in protecting organisations and entities across the African continent and in upskilling our partner base and the channel. We are passionate about education and enablement in all the ICT spheres in which we operate, including the broad cybersecurity arena, and are working together to raise awareness of cyber risks across Africa.”

“The message is very simple – no one is immune to cyberattack through phishing attempts, and a moment of inattention can result in awful consequences. However, people can stand united to protect themselves and their organisations against this type of cybercrime.

Cofense encourages us, one and all, to stand united against phishing – transparency, ongoing communication and education are all key strategies to create the best defence possible in this ongoing battle,” he concludes.

Staff writer