NEC XON 2019 SUMMIT: ACFTA set to define the role of tech in economic growth by 2050

Eugene le Roux, CEO of NEC XON Africa.

NEC XON Summit 2019 is covering key metrics about delivering the integrated IT solutions to Orchestrate a Brighter World (OABW) for Africa.

Eugene le Roux, CEO of NEC XON Africa, has described a future Africa in which technology plays a foundational role in helping to realise the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) – announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Our ability to orchestrate a brighter world by applying technology to create the social value innovations means that we focus on creating digital security that encourages free and safe use of the Internet throughout Africa,” says le Roux. “It also considers how we use technology to secure our physical infrastructure against terrorism and natural disasters. It also factors in the personal security of individuals in society, and it secures health services in response to citizen needs.”

“Democratising access and the ability to provide these services by applying innovative technologies is a key means to unlocking the economic and social transformation opportunities for Africans that will drive growth across the continent,” continues le Roux. “Our industry’s ability to scale intelligent solutions through cloud technologies delivered via ubiquitous connectivity are necessary starting points to overcome some of the infrastructural challenges that are our current reality in Africa.”

Focus in Africa is on how to apply technology with local constraints – major issues including infrastructure, health and individual security. Le Roux says NEC XON has already invested in developing the solutions to these challenges.

“For example, we see our role as a security technology orchestrator using technology to solve the problems associated with safety and security through services such as our Cyber Defence Operations Centre (CDOC),” he says. “African organisations are awake to the threats against their digital assets. NEC, among the global cybersecurity experts, is already calling on our African talent pool and intellectual property to inform some of their worldwide initiatives, which demonstrates the level of skill we have already created on our continent.”

He says the business is similarly active in the other verticals positioned to support growth across Africa and is also working with investment agencies to provide economic stimulus and support to organisations that can capitalise on the growth potential.

“Economies will be built around connectivity, reliable energy provision, safety, security, providing citizen services, and helping to establish more equal societies. That’s our vision,” concludes le Roux.

Edited by Jenna Cook

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