New digital literacy program targets youth in Zambia

September 13, 2019 • Education, Southern Africa, Top Stories

New  Digital Literacy program targets youth in Zambia

Asikana Network in partnership with Facebook announced the launch of eZibo Digital Literacy program in Zambia.

Zambian social enterprise, Asikana Network has partnered with Facebook to launch a digital literacy program in Zambia on Thursday, 12 September. eZibo Digital Literacy aims to train youth between the ages of 13-18 in Zambian schools.

The programme will challenge students in understanding how they can stay safe online and provide practical tips and guides. It will educate the youth in secondary schools on topics around self-awareness online, and how to behave online as a good digital citizen.

“The Internet is a gateway to a world of economic opportunities, educational possibilities and friendships for many young Zambians,” says Emilar Gandhi, Head of Public Policy for the SADC region at Facebook. “But it is also important for them to learn how to protect their personal information and to safeguard themselves online. Increasing awareness and ensuring that young people feel empowered is important and something we’re committed to.”

Asikana Network will be responsible for administering the basic curriculum of eZibo as well as Facebook’s lessons on safety and the resources available to learners. The program will involve delivery of set materials provided by Asikana Network and Facebook through a 2 hr/day session after-school hours between September and December. This training will be carried out in 30 schools in 6 provinces namely Lusaka, Central, Eastern, Southern, Western and Copperbelt, as well 6 community schools across those provinces where the training will also be open to the general public.

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