Apex Legends releases new limited-time game mode

Wraith Voidwalker Legendary skin. Image sourced from Apex Legends
Wraith Voidwalker Legendary skin. Image sourced from Apex Legends
The rotation schedule for the event's limited-time cosmetics. Image sourced from EA.
The rotation schedule for the event’s limited-time cosmetics. Image sourced from EA.

Apex Legends, the popular first-person battle-royale shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA Games, is getting new content. The event is called ‘Voidwalker,’ and will take place from 3 September to 17 September 2019 with an update that will focus on Wraith, one of the playable characters, called Legends, available in the game.

The event is themed around Wraith’s past and will include new challenges, a new town takeover, a limited-time mode and more content. Respawn Entertainment released an animated short video that delves deeper into Wraith’s backstory. The short is available on YouTube. The complete list of content coming to the game is detailed below

  • Wraith town takeover: Syndicate (a faction in the game’s story) construction crews have discovered a part of a decayed and forgotten facility, ‘Project: Wraith,’ in King’s Canyon, the name of the map and arena where the Apex Games take place. Players will be able to explore the remains of the project site, which includes a functional prototype portal that players can use to quickly travel. The developers have also included hidden details that expand on the game’s over-all lore and story.
  • Limited-time mode: Armed and Dangerous: This new game mode will limit weapons to snipers and shotguns only. The developers have also made over-all loot more scarce. Players will be able to provide feedback via in-game surveys, as Respawn Entertainment plan to launch more of these events in the near future.
  • Event Challenges with Free Loot: Players will be able to complete a number of challenges in order to earn exclusive skins and Wraith-themed content. These rewards will only be available during the two-week-long event.
  • Direct Purchase Shop: Respawn Entertainment are including cosmetics based on the animated short. These include the Voidwalker Wraith Legendary skin she is wearing in the short, which comes with a custom character select animation. Respawn is also including lower price point items. These items will be available for purchase for $5. These items are limited to the event but are eligible to return six months after the event ends on 17 September. The items will be in rotation in the in-game store during the two-week event. In addition to these items, Respawn is also adding 6 new Legendary items to the core loot pool which players can earn through packs or by crafting them. These items will receive a first-look offer in the in-game store.
  • Double Top 5 and Wins XP Weekend: From 19:00 EST on 6 September to 19:00 EST on 9 September 2019, players will be able to earn double XP (experience points) for Top 5 finishes and wins. This will affect both the Battle Pass and Account Level progression.

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