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Lenovo announces new single-socket server platforms

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Lenovo introduces new single-socket server platforms
Lenovo introduces new single-socket server platforms

On 19 August 2019, Lenovo announced the Lenovo ThinkSystem  SR635 and SR655 server platforms, which Lenovo claims are “two of the industry’s most powerful single-socket servers.” These new Lenovo solutions aim to provide the performance of a dual-socket server at the price of a single-socket server.

These new servers are powered by AMD EPYC 7002 Series processors and were designed to handle customers’ evolving data-intensive workloads, which includes video security, network intelligence and software-defined intelligence. This also includes support for virtualized and edge environments. Lenovo claims that the end result is “a solution that packs power along with efficiency for customers who place a premium on balancing throughput and security with easy scalability.”

Lenovo’s endless pursuit of innovations to accelerate our customers’ intelligent transformation has been paramount in our rise to become one of the fastest-growing data centre OEMs in the world. Today Lenovo is expanding our AMD relationship with new, fully optimised solutions to help our joint customers address complex and data-intensive workloads, enabling them to do more with less while still providing uncompromised end-to-end security,” said Doug Fisher, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Business Units, Lenovo Data Center Group.

Lenovo states that the technological breakthroughs and increased capabilities of the new platforms are in line with recent governmental commitment to implement Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technology across industry verticals. Lenovo claims that their new ThinkSystem SR635 and SR655 server platforms allow customers to run more workloads on fewer servers, as well as offer up to 73% savings on potential software licensing which will empower users to speed up emerging workloads in a more efficient manner. In addition to this, customers can realise a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to  46%. The ThinkSystem SR635 and SR655 servers’ have received 16 world records, which include 2 for energy efficiency.

Enabling Smart Cities

The IDC forecasts 41.6 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices that will generate 79.4 zettabytes by 2025. Most of the growth will be driven by IoT and video security technology. Lenovo claims that its new solutions are ideal for situations where more computing power is needed in confined spaces, using less energy. Lenovo says that the ThinkSystem SR655 platform, together withPivot3’s software, will provide an edge computing video software capable of supporting up to 33% more video cameras per node than similar solutions.

The new Lenovo solutions will allow users to be able to store and access large amounts of data as a result of the NVMe configurations of the new platforms. The new servers support up to six single-width or three double-width graphics processing units (GPUs), and they provide the ability to process and analyse high-definition video faster and more efficiently, according to Lenovo.

“The combination of Lenovo’s quality and resilience and the breakthrough performance of the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processor deliver what our customers need to support their mission-critical deployments. As Pivot3 customers expand their use of intelligent infrastructure for safe airport, campus, hospitality and transportation use cases, security, resilience and management simplicity at scale are critically important. AMD and Lenovo allow us to deliver all of that and to delight our customers,” said Bruce Milne, Pivot3 Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager.

Maximising the Value of Virtualisation

The hardware-assisted VM and memory encryption security features of the AMD EPYC 7002 series processors plus the Lenovo ThinkShield solutions, according to Lenovo, aims to solve the dilemma of organisations having to decide between maximum security and performance by utilising an extra layer of security for virtualization that minimizes and isolates threats in the data centre. Lenovo adds that this safety feature will not compromise performance.

Unleashing Smarter Networks with Data Intelligence

Lenovo’s integration of next-generation I/O and processing technology gives Allot the ability to manage more network bandwidth at higher speeds, allowing us to pull actionable insights from increasingly heavy traffic without any degradation in performance. The communication service providers and enterprises we support need to see and react to their network needs in real-time. We evaluated Lenovo’s ThinkSystem SR635 and SR655 server platform prototypes and were immediately impressed,” said Mark Shteiman, AVP of Product Management with Allot.

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 and SR655 solutions are now available through Lenovo sales representatives and channel partners around the world.

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