EA and Ghost Games reveal new Need for Speed game

August 16, 2019 • Gadgets and Gaming, Top Stories

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games reveal the newest Need for Speed game: Need for Speed Heat. Image sourced from Twitter.

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games reveal the newest Need for Speed game: Need for Speed Heat. Image sourced from Twitter.

Need for Speed (NFS) is a popular racing game franchise published by EA Games and currently being developed by Ghost Games. Need for Speed has been an almost-annual release since the first game launched on 31 August 1994. The last NFS game to be released was Need for Speed Payback on 10 November 2017. Earlier during the week of 12 August 2019, EA and Ghost Games began teasing the latest NFS game with a countdown on the NFS official website that was set to run out on 14 August 2019 at 3 PM CEST. At the end of the countdown, the latest Need for Speed game, NFS Heat, was revealed with the Need for Speed Heat Official Reveal Trailer uploaded to the official NFS website and the official NFS YouTube page.

Despite the trailer not showing off any actual gameplay or disclosing any gameplay features, Ghost Games has taken to the official Need for Speed subreddit to talk more about the upcoming game. The developers revealed that during the daytime in the game, players will be competing for ‘bank’ in the Speedhunter Showdown: a series of events that will see the player drifting and racing to win money and rewards. The Speedhunter Showdown is a sanctioned racing event in Palm City, the name of the city in which the game takes place. At night, the player will be competing in illegal, underground races and events.

The developers highlight the difference between racing at day and at night by saying “as the night sky settles across Palm City you’ll be wanting to swap out legitimate events for those of a more underground nature. Tear up the rulebook and the streets to make them your own. You might be building up your bank balance during the day, but at night is when your REP will be on the line. Take the risks and you’ll own the night.” The time of day will also affect how the police act. During the day, Palm City PD (Police Department) will be more calm and casual but will still be vigilant. The developers’ comment that if the players leave them alone, the police will return the same courtesy.

At night, however, the police follow their own rules. A rogue task force patrols Palm City at night, led by Lt. Mercer. According to Ghost Games, Lt. Mercer needs no reason to hunt the player, and their car, down. Ghost Games hint that Lt. Mercer may be the main villain in the game, as the developer comments that the player will see more of Lt. Mercer as they progress through the story. Ghost Games stresses the risks of driving at night by saying that if the player makes one wrong move at night, their fun will come to an end.

Customization is an important feature in every NFS game, and Ghost Games seems to be making changes to this pivotal feature. The developer is not giving away any information on customization as of yet, as they are saving more information, as well as a gameplay trailer, for Gamescom: a video game trade fair taking place at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany. Ghost Games informs players that customization options are earned through the completion of in-game events, stating ” for example, you spot a street race on your map and notice it has a new performance part up for grabs. Win the race, win the part.” The developers also clarify that the controversial speed cards from NFS Payback have been removed.

Ghost Games will show off more of the game during the Opening Night Live event at Gamescom, where the public will get their first look at customization, the police, day and night events, the garage and the new handling system.

Need for Speed Heat is currently available for pre-order and is set for release on 8 November 2019.

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