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Cyber exposure company launches new network monitoring innovations

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Cyber exposure company launches new network monitoring innovations
Cyber exposure company launches new network monitoring innovations.

Cyber exposure company, Tenable announced the launch of their new product innovations and on Thursday, 15 August 2019. These products aim to continuously discover and assess known and unknown assets across on-premises and cloud environments from a single platform. 

Based on Tenable’s Nessus Network Monitor (NNM), which is a passive network monitoring system, the company hopes to enable customers to not only automatically detect every asset across their computing environments, but also assess them for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. 

According to Tenable, customers can use NNM within and to continuously monitor their networks and discover rogue assets without the need to consume a product license. And not only that, but customers can also automatically assess rogue assets without manual intervention by enabling security teams to define their policies for scanning newly-discovered assets. 

This capability is said to help security teams eliminate blindspots due to previously unknown assets or new assets added to the network between scans. 

“A strategic Cyber Exposure program provides unified visibility into where all assets are located and to what extent they’re exposed, which is increasingly difficult to do with transient devices like cloud, mobile and IoT,” says Renaud Deraison, CTO at Tenable. 

“We are committed to helping customers on their Cyber Exposure journey to provide complete visibility across their attack surface, including both known and unknown assets, ultimately eliminating dangerous blind spots before they can be compromised.” 

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