Vox launches visitor management solution for South African residents

Vox launches visitor management solution for South African residents
Vox launches visitor management solution for South African residents
Rudi Potgieter, senior product manager at Vox.

Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has expanded its cloud-based Visitor Management solution that will provide body corporates and resident associations with a tool to send bulk communications to residents, as well as a workflow tool to log and track complaints.

Vox Visitor Management requires minimal hardware to be installed at the gate with residents managing visitor access via a mobile app. Guests can be invited using the app, which generates a one-time pin that can be set for either a single entry and exit or multiple ones.

“What makes this offering unique is that Vox provides an audit trail of who issues the codes and who enters and leaves the premises. It, therefore, provides complete accountability. Furthermore, a camera can be added at the keypad that will send a snapshot of the visitor to the resident via a push notification. If it is not the person intended to get access, the resident can raise panic through either the Vox 911 application or another solution,” says Rudi Potgieter, senior product manager at Vox.

The Vox Visitor Management solution is wireless, so no invasive trenching is required to homes or units. The equipment is linked to a cloud-hosted environment that ensures residents have access to the system irrespective of their physical location.

Additionally, the solution is scalable to cater for larger estates as well. Guards are then provided with a handheld scanning device and an online portal enables the estate to communicate with residents who can also log complaints via a ticketing system.

“GSM-based solutions are prohibitively expensive for smaller estates. And because there is no way to gauge how many monthly visitors there will be, costs are difficult to budget for. The Vox solution cleans up the process and provides residents with an affordable fixed monthly rate that holds everyone accountable for who they let into the residential environment.”

Potgieter believes that smaller estates are more vulnerable to security breaches as they do not have guards.

“Vox Visitor Management addresses this as cost-effectively as possible. Instead of spending $2.112 a month on guards who have to rotate their shifts, a small estate can do a once-off capital outlay of $3.521 and then only pay R2,500 subscription a month to provide residence with complete peace of mind when it comes to visitor access.”

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