Nigeria’s Access Bank deploys new ATM and card solution

July 29, 2019 • Finance, West Africa

Nigeria’s Access Bank deploys new ATM and card solution

Nigeria’s Access Bank deploys new ATM and card solution.

CR2 announced on Monday, 29 July 2019, that it has successfully completed the migration of Nigeria’s Access Bank’s ATMs to their ATM driving and card switching solution. With the largest customer base in Nigeria, Access Bank is the country’s largest card issuer with over 3,000 ATMs, making CR2 responsible for the largest ATM network in the country.  

The move follows the deployment of the BankWorld solution project offered by CR2. According to the company, the project brings revenue opportunities, greater control and long-term cost savings as banks migrate their ATMs and card management systems to the platform.

The CR2 BankWorld platform, which fully supports all localisation required for the Nigerian payment systems and services market, is fully certified for Verve Card issuing and acquiring. CR2 is one of the only two switch vendors currently running an ATM network for banks in Nigeria. 

CR2 is an independent global banking software company that specialises in providing products to the banking industry in over 60 countries worldwide. Incorporated in Ireland and founded in 1997, it offers digital and ATM channels that provide personalised services built upon an integrated, omnichannel, digital banking platform known as BankWorld.  Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, CR2 has a network of international offices in London, Lagos, Cairo, Amman, Dubai, Bengaluru and Perth.

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