5 WordPress hosting features for high performance

5 WordPress hosting features for high performance
5 WordPress hosting features for high performance.
5 WordPress hosting features for high performance
5 WordPress hosting features for high performance.

Owners of high-performance websites drive more traffic. In turn, they generate higher profits. Many of these profitable websites operate on WordPress hosting. As a developer who uses WordPress, you need to find the best hosting providers that will assist you in creating successful sites for clients. Then, you can boost your profits as well. Before rushing into choosing a provider, you need to reflect on the must-have features that promote more functional sites. Continue reading to learn the top WordPress hosting features for high performance.

Tested Databases

Narrow down your WordPress hosting provider options by looking for ones that test their databases. This feature is especially important because all of your website data gets stored on the host’s databases. Developers who store their clients’ information on unreliable databases put their clients’ data at risk. At the same time, they risk losing their clients and, therefore, profits. In addition, 1. This, too, can lead to client and profit loss. After all, slow databases generate slow page loading times. Since consumers do not enjoy browsing sites that take a long time to load, websites built on slow databases do not drive traffic. For this reason, website owners do not want to work with developers who do not check database reliability. Avoid creating low-quality websites for clients by searching for this WordPress hosting feature for high performance.

SEO Tools

Another WordPress hosting feature worth looking for is SEO tools. Certain providers offer SEO hosting plans with specialized tools to increase your rankings. You cannot boost a site’s performance if consumers cannot find it online. If you create a website for a pizza restaurant in a small town, the site should appear as a top result when a consumer searches “pizza places near me” on a search engine. When it does not show up at the top of the search engine’s result page, consumers do not see it. Increase the amount of page views your clients get from potential customers by using WordPress hosting SEO tools. Then, your websites will perform better.

Staging Environment

Moreover, WordPress hosting providers that offer staging environments promote high-performance websites. With this feature, you can view changes on your websites before finalizing them. Since certain alterations can take a decent amount of time to change back, this tool comes in handy for many developers. You can experiment with your clients’ pages as you wish. You can even show them what the end result would look like if you finalized the changes. With this method, you do not have to decrease each website’s performance rates to reverse changes you already made. With this WordPress hosting feature, you can simply make the changes once and be done.

AI Anti-Bot System

Developers using quality hosting providers all over the world deal with cyber attacks. In order to prevent the setback of dealing with cyber attacks and hijacked websites, find a WordPress hosting provider that uses an AI anti-bot system. This system significantly reduces the number of threats website owners receive daily. When sites get attacked, developers often have to shut them down, which negatively impacts the website’s performance reputation. After all, a site cannot perform at all when it is not up and running. Many customers refrain from visiting a shut-down site for a second time. For this reason, AI anti-bot systems are crucial for high-performance success.

Customer Support

Lastly, one of the top WordPress hosting features for high performance is award-winning customer support. Even the most experienced developers run into hosting issues that they cannot solve themselves. If you run into a performance-related problem on a client’s site, you need to get in touch with customer support. Furthermore, you need to speak with a customer service representative immediately to avoid reversing the progress you have made on the client’s website. When developers wait too long to fix issues, they end up lowering traffic rates. Hence, every developer needs to look for a hosting provider with this feature.

If you want to boost your value as a developer and also drive more traffic to the websites you develop, choose a provider with the best WordPress hosting features. The databases should be tested so that they do not slow down page loading times. SEO tools allow developers and website owners to market their sites from the backend so that they can meet their performance goals. AI anti-bot systems prevent cyberattacks and excessive website downtime due to threats. Look for providers with staging environments to refrain from having to reverse changes you already made. Finally, you need a hosting provider that offers 24/7 customer support so you can keep your clients’ sites performing well at all times. Find a provider that offers these top WordPress hosting features for high performance.

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