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SevOne SD-WAN Monitoring Solution 2.2 now in South Africa

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SevOne SD-WAN Monitoring Solution 2.2 now in South Africa
Anton Jacobsz, CEO, Networks Unlimited

Value-added distributor, Networks Unlimited Africa, has announced the local availability of SevOne’s SD-WAN Monitoring Solution 2.2.
Available through Networks Unlimited Africa, SD-WAN Monitoring Solution version 2.2 promises to further enhance the experience for customers transitioning to next-generation branch offices, delivering insights into their existing MPLS networks today as well as the SD-WAN-based infrastructure of tomorrow.

This is according to Anton Jacobsz, chief executive officer at Networks Unlimited Africa, who says many large organisations are looking to be smarter about their WAN resources and how they are managed and monitored.

“What SD-WAN does is introduce new software layers that can automate WAN configuration across MPLS, the Internet and even cellular data links automatically, based on pre-defined policies,” he says. “SD-WAN policies can help businesses realise significant cost savings and performance improvements through rapid and automated WAN configuration based on the performance and availability of the primary and secondary WAN links.”

SevOne SD-WAN Monitoring Solution version 2.2 delivers real-time and historical visibility into any given enterprise’s WAN infrastructure and enterprise users can also extend the solution for visibility across their entire service delivery path.
The solution offers customisable, persona-based dashboards for network operations, network engineering and line of business owners and offers the ability to create customised KPIs.

“These KPIs can be based on specific user groups, WAN paths and health indicators of the SD-WAN and can be used to arm network operations and engineering teams with greater insight into the network services running on them while easing the transition from MPLS-based services to new hybrid SD-WAN-based options,” says Jacobsz.

New to version 2.2:

1. Additional Vendor Support
The SevOne SD-WAN Monitoring Solution now supports Silver Peak and Nuage-based SD-WAN deployments, in addition to Cisco SD-WAN and Versa.

2. New dashboards
• Augmented Flow Dashboard: With initial support for Cisco and Versa deployments, this dashboard shows network flows with SD-WAN paths, along with the specific SLA class assigned by the SD-WAN controller. Users can automatically identify flows originating from specific sites, and validate SLA class and the WAN path taken by the flow from one dashboard.
• Device Summary Dashboard: This dashboard can be used to monitor device performance, such as CPU, disk, and memory utilisation, along with insight into device inventory details such as latitude/longitude model, software version, system IP, and more.
• Interface Dashboard: This dashboard delivers visibility into the transmission performance of edge router interfaces, and the WAN links by class of service (CoS). By viewing the trends of traffic dropped by CoS priority queues and the WAN link, network planners can more accurately provision WAN link bandwidth.

The SevOne solution is available immediately. Please contact Hannes Rheeder at for more information.

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