Troye makes headway in emerging markets

March 21, 2019 • Company News, Southern Africa

Troye makes headway in emerging markets

Kurt Goodall, Technical Director, Troye

Managed IT services provider Troye has been awarded third place as Citrix’s Cloud Partner of the Year for emerging markets. The Citrix Summit partner conference was held recently in Orlando, Florida.

Troye CEO Helen Kruger is delighted to receive this award. “Customers are seeing the benefits of having the Control Plane for the Citrix Apps and Desktops Service delivered securely from the Citrix Cloud, which is constantly kept up to date and managed by the vendor whilst having the flexibility of hosting their workloads themselves, wherever they choose, be it in their own data centre or cloud of their choice or even multi-cloud.”

“Citrix Cloud services simplify the delivery and management of Citrix technologies, helping you to extend existing on-premises software deployments or move one hundred percent to the cloud. Customers can create and deploy secure digital workspaces in hours while placing their sensitive app, desktop and data resources on any cloud or hybrid cloud,” she explains.

She says this is especially relevant to custom or Line of Business apps. “Troye has been able to achieve these results due to their customer commitment and exceptional skills.”

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