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Nigerians will start paying for e-ID card in 2022

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Nigerians will start paying for e-ID card in 2022
Nigerians will start paying for e-ID card in 2022.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), has on Thursday, January 31, declared that the payment for the national identity card would begin in 2022.

The e-ID card will integrate existing identity database into government institutions and enable everyone to receive a multipurpose ID card. It can be used for identification, payment and other applications in Nigeria.

Aliyu Aziz, NIMC Director General, said: “Nations all over the world and in particular, developed countries have utilised identity as foundation to transforming governance and enhancing service delivery in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, voting, transportation, financial inclusion, access to basic service and welfare programmes.”

Aziz urged Nigerians to make use of the opportunity to get registered and have an identity.

Nigerians can use the NIMC sites to track their e-ID cards from any gadget especially smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers.

“Open tracking id centre: Push the proceed button, fill in your first name and last name as well as your National Identification Number and click on the check now button. Wait for seconds while it is loading and the status of your NIMC card will appear on the display,” he said.

Citizens can also use USSD to retrieve their National Identity Number (NIN) by dialling *346# from the options displayed, select NIN retrieval, by typing in 1.

“As a government, we recognise the huge importance of moving towards a digital government therefore, we must embrace and harness the potentials inherent in digital identity to build and develop our country,” said Aziz.

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