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Facebook creates jobs with content review centre in Kenya

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Facebook rolls out Content Review Centre creating jobs

Social network platform, Facebook, has announced plans to open a content review centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

The company will work together with Samasource one of the largest digital employers in East Africa in creating employment as well.

Facebook’s first content review centre in Sub-Saharan Africa will employ approximately 100 reviewers by the end of the year, who will support a number of languages, including Somali, Oromo, Swahili and Hausa.

The move comes after the company, was put under scrutiny for data and privacy violation.

Fazdai Madzingira, Public Policy Associate for content said: “Over the years, we have made significant investments globally, and locally in ensuring that people see the content they want to see, and are aware of what is and isn’t allowed on the platform. That’s why we have a set of Community Standards and last year published the more detailed internal guidelines around these rules. We want Facebook to be a place where people can express themselves and freely discuss different points of view, whilst ensuring that it remains safe for everyone.”

Commenting on the forthcoming opening of the centre, Ebele Okobi, Facebook’s Public Policy Director, Africa added: “This further highlights our commitment to serving the community of people using our platforms across Africa, as well as our commitment to continuing to invest and partner locally across the continent. I am delighted that through our partnership with Samasource we will be opening our first content review centre here in Africa.”

Facebook says its content review team members are assigned a queue of reported posts to evaluate one by one. Facebook says the reviewers are not required to evaluate any set number of posts — there is no quota they must meet when it comes to the amount of content being reviewed.

The content review teams include a combination of full-time employees, contractors and partner-companies located around the world, along with 27 third-party fact-checking partnerships in 17 countries. In addition to human reviews, Facebook uses AI and machine learning tech to identify harmful content.

“At Samasource we believe that giving work is the most powerful solution to ending global poverty. We use technology and private sector methods to measurably improve access to work and job training. As one of the largest digital employers in East Africa, we’re excited to partner with Facebook in Nairobi to help keep people on Facebook safe and continue our mission. Our team will receive extensive training and support, benefit from industry-leading facilities, and have the opportunity to advance their careers in tech through this partnership,”concluded Carolyn Komen, Samasource Program Director.

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