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Follow EPL live scores with Livescore

Follow EPL live scores with Livescore. (Image credit:

Are you a fan of the English Premier League? EPL Live score has some great news: now it’s much easier to follow the results of the matches thanks to the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated regularly.

The current season of the EPL is a real fight for the title, which was lacking the previous season, when Manchester City had no competitors. Now, Josep Guardiola squad compete against Chelsea and Liverpool, who are seriously focused on getting the title. The fight for the title escalated so much that during the first third of the championship three teams at once didn’t lose for the first time in the history of English football.

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Contender Teams’ Prospects
In the long run, Manchester City looks more preferable. The team of Josep Guardiola has already managed to get along well, and the teammates interact with each other perfectly. Even in spite of the fact that in the summer the Citizens signed Riyadh Marez only, this enhancement turned out to be enough for them to become stronger than the rivals. Moreover, unlike the main opponents, Manchester City looks very stable and had many victories showing their top game style.

However, there is a team that dropped out of the fight for the title for sure and, most likely, out of the fight for getting into the Champions League zone, and it is Manchester United. From the first rounds, the team of Jose Mourinho looked really depressing and have good matches or streaks only occasionally. As a result, they got a place in the middle of the table and faced lots of internal conflicts. The reasons for the team’s non-success include:

  • Disastrous transfer period: the Red Devils didn’t sign anyone other than Fred.
  • Poor form of the leaders. First of all, it concerns Lukaku, Matic, Lingard, De Gea, Lindelof.
  • Josep Mourinho conflicts with the players. It seems that the Portuguese coach is controlling the situation in the team less and less each day and is simply not able to fully cope with the responsibility entrusted to him.

It all resulted in the situation when already by the middle of the championship it becomes clear that Manchester United failed the season, and the team needs to look for serious enhancement in order to try to bounce back next time and not upset their fans who are already tired of such defeats.

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