Watch: Gartner Symposium 2018 – Discussing the potentials of Blockchain in Africa

October 3, 2018 • Top Stories, Video

Discussing the potentials of Blockchain in Africa

Discussing the potentials of Blockchain in Africa.

The annual Gartner Symposium ITXPO was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre during the course of September 2018.

The three-day conference brought Africa’s leading CIOs and senior IT executives together to discuss key topics including data & analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, culture, customer experience, cybersecurity… it also brought together high-level individuals to discuss Gartner’s next discoveries, ContinuousNext and The Digital Twin.

At Gartner Symposium 2018, IT News Africa met up with Rajesh Kandaswamy who is a Chief of Research (CoR) and a Gartner Fellow. As a CoR, his responsibilities include establishing direction for research on industries and emerging technologies for technology and service providers (TSPs). Also, he co-leads the Blockchain Center of Excellence and leads the Blockchain agenda. His Gartner Fellows research is on how technology will radically transform the concept of an organisation.

In this video, Rajesh Kandaswamy discusses the potentials of Blockchain in Africa.

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